We love jerky. We are proud to offer Yellowstone Natural Jerky, a Bozeman specific jerky, that only does Bison and Elk products. If you want to have some great tasting jerky, give this a try, you will not be disappointed.

Made in Small Batches in Lincoln, Montana from Northern Rockies animals. Made in USA.

Different Jerky Varieties to Please the Jerky Lover

Making your beef jerky is doable, but if you don't have the time or patience, Stay Classy Meats is here to help with the highest quality jerky products.
Beef jerky is difficult to top if you want a delectable yet portable snack that you can enjoy no matter how rushed you are. It's satisfying and tasty, and most brands have a low-carb count, making it a suitable snack for a variety of regimens, including the ketogenic diet. It's no surprise that beef jerky's popularity continues to rise, given all of its beneficial attributes.

Stay Classy Meats is pleased to present Yellowstone Natural Jerky, a Bozeman-based jerky that specializes in Bisonand Elk. Give this best jerky meatatry if you want some wonderful taste jerky; you will not be disappointed. Made in small batches in Lincoln, Montana, using animals from the Northern Rockies.

Some top-selling jerkies from Stay Classy Meats

The Yellowstone Natural brand is from the Big Sky region, emphasizing Montana's richness of bison, elk, and beef. They pride themselves on local partnerships and supporting things Montana, and their food is tender, savory, and attentive to the ingredients. Yellowstone Natural Jerky collaborated with Bozeman Spirits Distillery to infuse wild animal jerky with spirits and exotic fruits endemic to the Pacific Northwest, resulting in a taste profile as distinct as Montana itself.

The RMEF (Rocky Mounty Elk Foundation) Beef Heart with Beef Dog Treats come in bite-size chunks, making them ideal for training and nibbling. These redesigned dog treats are gluten-free and corn-free. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation uses all earnings from RMEF products to help ensure the future of elk, other species, their environment, and our hunting history.

The Ideal Snack for On-the-Go. Our snacking sticks are made with premium beef and pork with the precise balance of spices to offer a lip-smacking taste and the perfect "snap" in every mouthful. 100% handy, high in protein, and very delectable! This fall, the USA raised and made jerky is the ideal partner for your hunting party. 

Health Benefits of Eating Jerky

For its chewiness and high protein content, beef jerky is frequently recommended as a snack for a road trip or the gym. However, those who believe that beef jerky's benefits end there are misinformed. The iron and zinc content, the lack of fat, and the fact that beef jerky does not affect insulin levels are all advantages of eating beef jerky.

Beef jerky is a wonderful method to obtain your daily dosage of protein, whether you're trying to bulk up or build lean muscle. The most well-known health advantage of the popular snack is what is known as "complete" protein, which means it includes all the amino acids your body cannot make on its own. This assists your body by allowing muscles to develop and mend.

Stay Classy Meats, thebest place to buy jerky,is popular among weightlifters because of its high protein content. Weightlifters also like the protein's ability to provide them with an energy boost, which will come in handy when they hit the gym.

Salt is commonly used as a preservative in beef jerkies. While salt isn't always a desirable thing, it's a better option than other, less natural preservatives.

Want Jerky Meat Products at Great Prices? - Visit Stay Classy Meats

We specialize in beef jerky, but it's our service that keeps us in business. Stay Classy Meats provides the best assortment of jerky meatand jerky gift baskets handcrafted in the United States for any budget and taste. Looking for a flavor that's out of the ordinary? Looking for the best place to buy jerky? We've got you covered. Looking for a certain texture, such as old-fashioned hard-to-chew jerky? Yes, we have it as well. Looking for a one-of-a-kind present for a man? We've got you covered. Our large assortment of unique jerky has made us renowned! That's not something you'll find just anyplace! Stay Classy Meats provides everything you could desire when it comes to jerky, whether it's for yourself or as a present.

Stay Classy Meats is the only option whether you're looking for inexpensive jerky through our regular jerky storedeals or bulk jerky. There are a good deal of different beef jerky brands to choose from, but once you've tasted Stay Classy Meats, you'll never go back. We make our fresh beef jerky once a week and don't use any artificial flavors or preservatives, so you know it'll be delicious.

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