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August 26, 2020 2 min read



We work with farmers and ranchers who share like-minded values in time-honored traditions and we wish to share this outside the Rockies without compromise.Stay Classy Meats was born out of the idea of offering real food to a group of people who feel the same towards the meat they are eating. It is about making a Montana-style farmers market available at your front door and sharing this high-quality meat with those who do not have access.

Our good friend, Travis, has been working in the meat distribution business in Montana for the past 10 years. He has on occasion sent to his life-long friends boxes of meat, not just any meat, the most flavorful and tender meat we had ever had. It was always much tastier and chewed better than anything we could get “locally” and he told us it would be healthier than what we could find.

He explained that Montana is the perfect place for cattle, bison and elk. There is an abundant water source, very fertile ground, and naturally growing grasses on huge ranches allowing the animals to roam and forage naturally. It wasn’t until we started to visit him that we saw this for our own eyes. We realized one day that our miniature Montana meat distribution amongst friends would be appreciated by a wider audience.

Through a coincidental conversation with some other friends, we figured out how we could launch the brand after sending more of this meat to a chef friend and his feedback came back saying he was thoroughly impressed with the quality and could taste the difference. From there, we knew that we need to market towards an audience who would greatly appreciate and benefit from the high-quality proteins grown from nutrient-rich grasses and without the use, EVER, of hormones and antibiotics.

From there, StayClassyMeats.com was born.  

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