Free Ranging cattle tastes amazing and is great for regenerative grass practices. All animals sourced are from family-owned ranches in the USA.
Weight: 1.65lb-2.0lb
Weight: 1.5lb-3lb

What is Beef?

Cattle meat is referred to as beef in the culinary world.

Humans hunted aurochs in the past and subsequently domesticated them. Since then, a variety of cow breeds have been developed to improve the quantity or quality of their meat. Beef is now the world's third most popular meat, behind pork and chicken. China, Brazil, and the United States were the top three beef producers in 2018.

Beef can be prepared in a variety of ways; cuts are frequently used for steak, which can be grilled to various degrees of doneness, whereas trimmings are frequently minced or ground, as in most hamburgers. Furthermore, beef is high in B12, iron, and protein.

Beef Meat is first sliced into primal cuts, which are huge chunks of the animal separated by slaughtering. Steaks and various subdivisions are cut from these fundamental parts. The phrase "primal cut" is distinct from the term "prime cut," which is used to describe higher-quality cuts. Because the animal's legs and neck muscles exert the greatest work, they are the hardest; as the distance from the hoof and horn rises, the flesh gets more tender. Distinct nations and cuisines have different names and cuts, and they may use the same term for a different cut; for instance, brisket in the United States comes from a different portion of the carcass than brisket in the United Kingdom.

What Makes Natural Beef Special?

Everyone wants to acquire tasty, nutritious, and lean beef products like beef rib steakfor themselves and their family as responsible shoppers. When you're standing in the beef department at your local supermarket, you're likely to see a lot of goods labeled "pure beef", “grassfed beef” or "all-natural beef." It can be perplexing!

So, what exactly does "all-natural beef" imply? "Natural" beef is defined as follows by the United States Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (USDA, FSIS):

"Natural" refers to all fresh meat. Natural products cannot include any artificial taste or flavoring, coloring component, chemical preservative, or any other artificial element, and they must be minimally processed (ground, for example). All items that claim to be natural should come with a brief statement that defines what the term "natural" means.

So, once again, the "all-natural beef" you're buying could not live up to your expectations. Be wary of labels that claim to be "hormone-free." Hormones are produced naturally, hence no meat is true "hormone-free." To guarantee that the natural beef without growth hormones you're buying meets your definition of "natural beef," search for terms like "no additional hormones," "grown without hormones," and "no antibiotics."

Stay Classy Meats - Buy quality grass-fed beef

Free-range cattle have a delicious flavor and are excellent for regenerative grass management. Stay Classy Meats sources all of its beef meat products from family-owned ranches in the Northern Rockies of the United States.

From birth to end, the cattle is fed only grass. The cattle are born and grown on ranch and are fed only the best grass and hay, without added growth hormones or antibiotics. Grass-fed beef, has fewer calories and higher nutritious value. Are you looking for meat that is Keto-friendly? The healthiest beef for Keto dieters is grass-fed beef, which has more beneficial fats than store-bought or grain-fed beef.

At the pinnacle of freshness, the meats are vacuum packed and flash frozen individually. The beef will keep in your freezer for up to a year or longer.

Buy natural beef online,as buying a side or quarter of grass-fed beef directly from the farm offers the best value. These orders are completely tailored to your preferences.

For long-term freezer preservation, the meat will be vacuum-packed, individually packaged, and tagged. The meat will keep its quality for 12 to 18 months if frozen regularly.

The basic guideline is that for every 25 to 35 pounds of food, one cubic foot of freezer space is required. You'll need 10 cubic feet of freezer space for a whole cow. When a standard refrigerator is fully empty, a quarter of beef raised without antibiotics will usually fit in the freezer area.

Stay Classy Meats' grass-fed beef cuts are never-ever (free of hormones/antibiotics) and pasture-raised. The grass-fed cattle are reared and treated humanely throughout their lives based on these principles.

Use the ground beef for the greatest burgers you've ever had, with a flavorful, juicy texture and just the proper amount of fat. They're tasty and healthful in any ground meat dish.

The grass-fed ground beef has more vital and healthy lipids, such as omega 3 and CLA, which are typically absent in feedlot/grain-fed cattle.

Many of the clients become addicted to the delicious grass-fed flavor after trying the grass-fed beef. You can feel the difference in the organic sustainable grass-fed beef, and the company is completely open in everything the team does.

You must trust where your food comes from, as Stay Classy Meats like to say!

The company has grouped some of the most popular grass-fed beef items to provide you with the finest of the pasture-reared cattle in a variety of grass-fed beef packages since the customers love the grass-fed beef.

When you are buying beef in bulk, all the beef bundles contain complimentary beef items, giving you even more value. The beef packages allow you to purchase beef bulk packages that include a variety of popular goods, such as bulk grass-fed ground beef packages. You may order meat packages online and have them delivered the next day.

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