Subscription Boxes

Weight: 10lb Box
Core II Box $198.00 USD $224.95 USD
Beef-Chicken-Bison Box $134.00 USD $149.95 USD
Beef-Chicken-Fish Box $134.00 USD $145.95 USD
Premium II Box $299.00 USD $423.15 USD
Beef-Chicken-Pork Box $119.00 USD $140.95 USD
Beef Only Box $135.00 USD $144.45 USD
Elite II Box $399.00 USD $600.90 USD

Meat Subscription | Subscribe & Save

A meat subscription box is a way to go if you want to prepare genuine gourmet feasts, have a huge protein appetite, or simply want high-quality meat. A butchered premium box will save you time and money by providing you with grass-fed beef, pasture-raised poultry, wild-caught salmon, and other high-quality meats. Whatever your preferences are, we have something for you.
This is where your search for high-quality meat concludes. Buy a meat subscription at Stay Classy Meats, which offers incredible taste and humanely raised meat. At any moment, delivered to your door. For the duration of your membership, you'll receive a lower shipping price than if you were to order a one-time purchase.

These meat subscriptions are ideal for any household, as they come in individual vacuum-packed bags. We all use a lot of ground beef in the kitchen, and if you have a family, do weekend meal prep, or just eat a lot of ground beef, this is the way to go. With high-quality beef on hand, you'll be ready for anything that comes your way. 


We only offer superior pastured and free-range meat, such as grass-fed beef, pasture-raised chicken, and wild-caught fish.


Our mission is to provide high-quality beef to as many people as possible. We can provide you with the highest-quality items for less than $6 a meal. We subsidize shipping so you can get yourmeat box shipped at an affordable price.


Each box is meticulously packed and portioned to meet your specific requirements.

You can order it as a gift for your friends that eat mostly meat and beef, and we can assure you that they will enjoy it. Not to add that everyone was extremely communicative, even putting your order's shipping back so that it would reach as near to your boyfriend's birthday as feasible. A fantastic experience for a fantastic product.

Best Meat Subscription Box Around at Best Price:

Since discovering meat delivery monthly subscriptions at Stay Classy Meats, many customers have ordered multiple times, always enjoying the quick deliveries, hassle-free orders, and very easy customer service. Some customers have remarked that the grilled ground beef burgers were so juicy and tasty that they were compared them to a fine steak. Other customers mixed the ground beef with ground bison to serve to visiting relatives as that something special product.  

People look forward to making sloppy joes, chili, ground beef casseroles, tacos, and other dishes with Stay Classy Meat ground beef.  There's also an allusion to their packing and shipment. We like the environmentally friendly, compact packaging in which the product arrives frozen solid.

We curate box was created with those who cook meals in mind. To kick off your week, we offer a mix of Bison,Chicken, and Beef. Cook everything at once and ration it out over the week, or cook as you go. In any case, we provide you with a handy and cost-effective solution to receive your high-quality proteins for the week.

Dry-aged beef, artisanal sausages, and pasture-raised poultry are all available for purchase. Choose a meat Subscription box and alter your meat selections whenever you like. You can easily add on to your subscription with one-time purchases.  

Subscribers who choose the customizable option can choose the sorts of meat they receive and even mix it up. Is there too much meat in your diet? Instead of four weeks, an eight-week delivery interval is available. Furthermore, clients have the option to cancel or interrupt their meat subscription service at any time.

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