Chicken / Poultry

As the #1 consumed protein in the USA, we believe it is important to source quality, natural poultry that is never given antibiotics and fed a vegetarian-only diet of non-gmo feed. The animals need to be near a sustainable source of water that is managed appropriately to supply the grain feed as well as the poultry production. It is important to act responsibly in electing the source of where our product derives. We adhere to a low carbon footprint requirement and our poultry is a clear example of this protocol.

Chicken / Poultry

When it comes to food, chicken recipes are one of the favorite food items for many people due to their delicious taste and wide range of health benefits. Whether you want to cook for weekdays, weekends, or any special occasion, chicken can never go wrong. It's one of the best options to make your meal worth it. Poultry meat raised in the correct setting will provide the most nutritional benefits.

Whether you want to use chicken meat as a flavor for a side dish in the form of salad or the main course, the chicken will bless your taste buds. You can enjoy roasted chicken or chicken salad and make your day. White meat is known for providing incredible health benefits and if the animals are grass-fed and pasture-raised it's, even more, better as these animals are rich in omega-3 fatty acids that help in various processes throughout the body. The better quality and natural chicken meat you have, the more beneficial for your health. Moreover, they are better in taste. 

However, it's important to look for chicken that was pasture raised to ensure you get natural benefits for your body. That’s why a non-gmo and pasture raised accolades is crucial. A good chicken retailer will offer quality and quantity. You can buy freshly frozen chicken from Stay Classy Meats at affordable rates.

Do you want to buy fresh and quality chicken online? Don’t know where to buy it? We got you covered.

Great variety of fresh chicken products at stay classy!

Often people struggle to find a variety of chicken products in one place, but with Stay Classy Meats your problem is solved. You can order a wide range of chicken meat products at affordable rates. Here are some of the best and fresh chicken varieties you can buy from our product range:

Chicken breast boneless/skinless: The pure delicacy and mouthwatering meat, chicken breast is one of the meatiest cuts. The animals are given high-quality dead and pasture-raised and can be used to make a wide range of dishes. Chicken breast is hand-trimmed and pan-ready so you can directly cook without much hassle. It's the perfect choice for a protein diet. 

Whole goose: The best part about goose is you need only a few ingredients to roast and relish the chicken. It's the best you will find in the USA that is hormone and antibiotic free chicken. A must-have in your diet for rich nutrition and mineral intake with low calories. 

Whole Pheasant: The best game alternative you will find. With low fat and easy to roast, you can make your dinner night memorable and worth it. Order chicken online with high-quality meat and packaging at your doorstep. Pheasants are just like meat, after you cook all the juices will get induced and you can relish the delicious taste with unique flavors. 

Pasture Bird Whole Chicken:You get amazing quality of a pastured chicken and incredible savings when buying a whole chicken. These birds are raised with as natural of a process as possible and always hormone and antibiotic free chicken. The flavors are incredible and the chicken is available fresh, you can arrange a large dinner with this scrumptious piece of chicken. The best part about the Pasture Bird Whole Chicken is the quantity and the left-overs, it's like cooking 3 meals in one. 

These are some of the great varieties you can try with Stay Classy Meats. Whether you want to buy large quantities of chicken for a housewarming party or a small batch for a weekend dinner, you will get everything in one place.

The largest supplier of poultry/chicken meat

Stay Classy Meats is a quality pasture-raised supplier of poultry/chicken meat and more across the USA. From farm to your door the entire process is handled with utmost care and caution to ensure you get the best quality. Our products surpass all quality standards and packaging to ensure the sustainability of meat until it reaches you. 

Do you want to buy freshly frozen chicken products? Stay Classy Meats is the best place to order chicken online mainly due to premium quality, quantity, and affordable rates. We offer meat and chicken products that are raised by family-run ranchers/farmers on sustainable and regenerative ranches. Moreover, they are fed with high-quality food and pasture-raised making it the best you will find. From chicken to bison meat, you can buy chicken online,as well as, an incredible range of products such as beef, fish, duck, ham, pork, shrimp, and more all under one roof. 

We offer quick delivery across the USA, so no matter where you are and what occasion it is, you will get top-notch services with both product and delivery. You can shop chicken by cut or products like bison hot dog, we are ready to serve you delicious products.

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