Why Clean Meat Matters: A Manifesto

Why Clean Meat Matters: A Manifesto

Why Clean Meat Matters: A Manifesto

We are what we eat.  Our bodies will function more efficiently, if we eat cleaner foods.  This will allow our antibodies and white blood cells to quickly fight off disease.  This means less stress on our stomach and digestive tract.  Commodity food is inexpensive and the attraction to buy more at a low-cost price is high.  We have all been there.  We decided years ago we wanted to change this mentality for ourselves.  We now prefer to eat less of a better quality than to eat more of a lesser quality.  In the end, it is about how we all prioritize our weekly budget.  It is not easy to change old habits, but our health is more important. 

Stay Classy Meats is a boutique purveyor of quality proteins.  We search out the best meats possible based on how the animals are raised, quality of water source, fertility of land and nutrient-rich grass.  We have grown up seeing different food trends.  We know that processed foods have a negative effect on our health.  We want to provide an alternative source.  We are a Montana farmer's market direct to you.  We provide a convenient service to you of searching out the best meats and deliver them to your direct to your door.   

We recognize that not all places are created equal for being the ideal location for raising animals.  We believe the animals should be in a habitat where they can live on natural grass, drink clean water, breath fresh air and live under a vibrant sun.  We believe that animals should NOT be given hormones and antibiotics, and we/our ranchers do not.  Water seems to be the one natural resource that is the key component to where animals should be raised.  Without water, feed cannot grow.  If it cannot be grown naturally, it needs to be imported from other areas where feed does grow.  This transport decreases the quality of the feed, hence decreases the quality of the protein.  Our value proposition is simple, just like us.  We are offering proteins raised in environments natural to the respective animal (without hormones and antibiotics) where the animal can act as it should without taxing the surrounding environment.  We believe in using the land for what it is used best. 

We believe in the practice of heritage farming and ranching, keeping to time-honored traditions to keep stress down in the animal and quality high.  Fortunately for us in Montana, we have a lot of land, not a lot of people, and multi-generational ranchers and master butchers who care for every aspect of the animal.  We have just 4 touch points in our product, we know where your meat is from.  Rancher > Processor > Master Butcher/Blast Freezer > Your Doorstep.  Let us be your source to conveniently provide you clean meats for a healthy today/tomorrow.



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