How To Easily Prepare The Most Mouthwatering Elk Meats

How To Easily Prepare The Most Mouthwatering Elk Meats

Elk is the largest animal of the venison family and is found across North America, Northeast Asia, and New Zealand. Elk have slender antlers that shed once a year. The meat is highly coveted by many hunters and indigenous people alike.

Elk is a cut of fatty animal protein that is low in calories and fat. Lean Elk meat is lighter in dietary fat than skinless chicken - according to the USDA, while providing the same quantity of protein. Because the taste is so close to beef, it may be used as a practical substitute where beef is requested in a recipe.

Elk Cooking Instructions
Even if the Elk are farm-raised, they are thinner than beef. Fortunately, fat sources are plentiful in today's diets. When properly prepared, Elk meat is delicate, delicious, and a godsend for anyone attempting to decrease fat from their diet while looking for highly bioavailable nutrients.

Elk burgers can be improved by adding beef fat or pork fat to the mix to bring out the delicate flavor while providing an easier cooking experience. It's easy to overcook elk meat. To help preserve moisture, taste, and tenderness, most cooks who prepare elk meat regularly advocate cooking it just a little rare (130 F internal temperature).

It's not necessary to use a strong marinade to cover up the untamed flavor found in meats like venison. Because the flavor of elk is rich but mild, it may be utilized in practically every recipe that calls for beef. When cooking medallions, we prefer to cook with butter, thyme, garlic while pre-seasoning the cut with salt, pepper, garlic, and a little brown suger for texture. When cooking, we like the cast iron pan hot and let the meat sear when hitting the pan. We baste the top of the medallion with the melted butter using a spoon and always on top of the sprig of thyme that is on top of the medallion. 2 min approximately each side to reach a med rare temp (130 F internal temp).

Benefits of Elk meat:
Most individuals consider elk meat to be healthy, particularly if they are aiming to reduce their fat intake while increasing their protein intake. The raw meat is a dark crimson color, thick, and has very low fat marbling. It is high in Protein, B Vitamins (Thiamin, B-6, B-12), Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Selenium, Heme-Iron, and Creatine.

Start by integrating Elk meat into your favorite beef meals, using the tips above as a guide. You'll have no trouble remembering which slices are best cooked hot and fast and which are best cooked slow. Whether it is a rack of Elk, medallions, or burger - paying attention to the cook time will always matter to ensure the meat turns out delicious every time.


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