Bison Meat- a Healthy Food Source

Bison Meat- a Healthy Food Source

Bison is the original red meat of North America. Over 30 million bison formerly roamed North America. For many years, bison nearly single-handedly fed and sustained Native American society. Unfortunately, the bison population was destroyed in the nineteenth century, with only 1,000 bison remaining. Bison Steaks are a nutrient-dense meat that provides a lot of nutrition for a small number of calories. This is crucial for athletes or those who are trying to lose weight by restricting their calorie intake. According to research, the lower your calorie intake, the more nutritionally packed your foods must be to maintain a balanced and immaculate diet. One cooked 3.5oz bison chunk, around the size of a deck of cards (no, that's not a lot of meat!) includes 28g of protein - exactly the correct quantity and combination of key amino acids (protein's building blocks) to help your body grow and repair muscles.

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Bison Whole Tenderloinnow priced at $275.00

When it comes to determining when an animal was processed, size counts. A 6-8 pound whole Bison whole tenderloin comes from a mature bison that has had a long and robust life, creating wonderful lipids from regenerative high elevation grasses. Processing Buffalo Meat too soon or too early results in smaller primals and subprimals - this does not mean much for the average person, but it does for the crew at Stay Classy Meats. Bison is naturally lean. While lean is desirable, intramuscular fat is what distinguishes the Tenderloin as the home of the tenderest steak cut, the Filet Mignon. These fats will melt into the meat during cooking, making it juicy and delicious.

This is perfect for cooking whole and then slicing into steaks, or for dining as a family. To manage the piece you want to cook, make steaks out of it first. Whatever you choose, this is going to be a fabulous meal!

Filet Mignon should not be cooked over medium temperature.

Bison Tenderloin Steaks

Per pack, 2 × 6oz-8oz Bison tenderloin steaks are butchered to perfection. They are the fillet mignon with the chain attached (more opportunity for flavor). These steaks are remarkably tender and will make any spread special. They go nicely with a strong sauce that brings forth the incredible flavor profile of the nutrient-packed grasses foraged on.

This bison is delicious; our only caution is to not overcook it. The highest temperature at which you should cook this steak is medium. Anything over Medium may have a "gamey" taste and be difficult to chew. Everything below will be immaculate.

Bison Knuckle Bones

Frozen and uncooked bison knuckle bones from the freezer of Stay Classy Meats.

Grass-fed and packed with healthful marrow and collagen, these bones are perfect for creating homemade bone broth or as a treat for your pet.

Many of our sports personalities relish using these entire knuckles to make their bone broth. Today is the day to get your crockpot out and prepare your bone broth.

Instapot or Crockpot is the cooking method that should be used for this particular cut of meat.

The price of Bison (uncured) with Beef Franks is nowadays $14.00

Bison is one of the healthiest and most natural meats on the market. We don't eat enough of it as a culture. This meat source is incredibly helpful to your and everyone's diet, whether you are pregnant or recently gave birth, or you are focused on nurturing your health through food.
  • Selenium and Zinc are ample in this product (these minerals are rudimentary for a healthy running body)
  • Caloric Restriction
  • B-Vitamin-Potentially Beneficial
  • Creatine from a Natural Source (about 600mg per 100gm raw)
  • Omegas that are well-balanced (reducing inflammation)
  • Heme-Iron is generous in this location.
  • Protein-dense (28 grams in 3.5 oz!)

We take packaging seriously

We specialized in shipping materials that have a minimal environmental effect, including biodegradable (BPI Certified) and water-soluble non-GMO maize starch that is non-toxic and suitable for soil, septic, and sewage lines, also post-consumer cotton that biodegrades in a landfill in 1-5 months. Frozen gel packs that are non-toxic, drainable, and won't harm sewage or septic systems. Cardboard that has been recycled.


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