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How to Thaw Frozen Meat - The Safe/Ideal Way

How to Thaw Frozen Meat - The Safe/Ideal Way

Shipping frozen meat direct to your door across the USA is not a perfect science.  We have all our product in sub-0 F freezer prior to shipping.  Our priority is to get you the box of meats as frozen as possible.  We ship in insulated coolers inside a double-walled corrugated cardboard box with gel packs and dry ice.  We use 2 or 3 day service with Fed Ex (depending on time of year and location) to ensure you receive the meat as you intended.  At times, you will receive meat that is thawed, partially thawed or still frozen.  All are ok.  While we prefer you receive it fully frozen, we must say that it is ok if your steaks arrive thawed or partially thawed.  We recommend what the USDA suggests, to immediately take the meat out of the box and place it in the freezer.  

Thawing Meat

  • Ideal Method: Please take your time to thaw meat.  Remove it from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator.  Give it 24 hours to thaw out the meat (more time is needed if a larger piece of meat)
  • Quicker Method: Place meat (still in the vacuum sealed package) in a large bowl and place under water.  Either let stand in the bowl of cool tap water or allow for a small drip.  Check on the meat every 15 minutes to see if it is thawed.  
  • NEVER, absolutely NEVER use the microwave to thaw out frozen meat!!