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Bison is North America’s original red meat. At one point over 30 million bison roamed North America. Bison almost single handedly fueled and sustain Native American tribes for years. Unfortunately, the bison population was decimated leaving an estimate 1,000 bison in the last 19th Century. Bison is an extremely nutritious meat that packs a lot of nutrition for not a lot of calories. This is important for athletes or people that are controlling calories as part of their weight loss efforts. Research shows that the more you reduce your calories, the more nutritionally dense your foods need to be in order to maintain a healthy and optimal diet. One cooked 3.5oz portion of bison, about the size of a deck of card (yes, that isn’t very much meat!) contains 28g of protein - just the right amount and mix of essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein)  to maximize your body’s ability to build and repair your muscles.