Reinhard has always been passionate about training since playing a variety of sports growing up. Reinhard is a firm believer that leading a healthy and active lifestyle has so much more benefits than just the physical side. 

The psychological benefits of creating confidence and self-belief while establishing the value of work ethic, commitment and discipline towards a goal is key to success in any part of life.  Reinhard loves working with people who are up for the challenge of not just making a physical change, but an emotional and psychological change that will ultimately lead to a better quality of life. 

Keeping a balanced and enjoyable lifestyle is an important aspect, as it's about creating sustainable change as opposed to an overly strict protocol which takes away all enjoyment and leads to mental burnout.

Balance and choosing what works for the specific person is key. Growing up in South Africa, meat has always been a staple in terms of nutrition. Reinhard feels his best and performs optimally with quality meat intake, so being partnered with SCM is something that he values tremendously due to the quality of the product and the people behind the company. The fact that the practices are ran in a sustainable and ethical way makes him proud to be associated with SCM and their mission to provide quality without just being concerned about the bottom line.

What is your name? Reinhard 

What do your friends call you? Rein or TREIGN

When were you born? January 10, 1992

Where did you grow up? Gauteng, South Africa 

Where do you currently live? Los Angeles, CA

Where do you call home? LA, California 

What is your sport/discipline? Training to enjoy life to the fullest and helping others do the same 

How long have you been at it? Since I was 11

What are some accolades/accomplishments you are most proud of? Moving to the US and contributing to the growth of one of the most influential fitness brands in the world and establishing myself within the fitness realm

What drives you to push forward? My family and the will to make the most out of every day to become better

What is your favorite protein (beef, bison, pork, elk, chicken, fish/seafood) and cut? Bison rib steaks

What is your favorite meal? Bison rib steaks, potatoes and salad 

What is your average daily meat consumption (in ounces)? Give or take 20 ounces

What does nutrition (whole food) play into your diet? It forms the fundamental building blocks for me to be at my best and perform when training my clients and myself 

Are you adhering to a certain diet protocol?  If so, what it is? No, just keeping a balanced approach while focusing on getting enough protein daily 

What is your favorite music to listen to? Depends on the activity I’m doing but can range from worship music, hip-hop, edm and alternative/rock

How do you relax? Spend time with my family outdoors or just relaxing on the couch together 

What advice would you tell your 16-year-old self? (In the case your 16-year-old self would listen to you.) Always work towards the future but make the most of the present 

What do you like most about Stay Classy Meats? It’s a quality product provided by great people in an ethical and sustainable manner


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