What is your name?  Matthew Vincent

What do your friends call you? Matt or the fat owl or matso

When were you born? Sulphur Louisiana 

Do you have any pets? If so, how many, what kind, and what are their names?  Two dogs willy and ziggy, and now two cats Chloe and new little guy we are working on name. 

Where did you grow up? Sulphur Louisiana, small town of about 25k.  Was a great place to grow up but couldn’t wait to get out by the time I left.  Lot of time fishing and hunting.  Still love fucking around outdoors and being in the marsh but not much hunting anymore.  

Where do you currently live? Saint Louis MO.  right dead in the center of this big bastard called America.

Where do you call home? Home is STL.   

What is your sport/discipline?  Retired now, I spent most of my career in strength sports doing  Highland Games where I won 2 world championships and never finished off the podium in over 200 competitions.  Did the sport for about 10 years.  Also been involved in powerlifting, weightlifting, and strongman

What drives you to push forward?  The HVIII - this is my mantra and name of my apparel line.  It is about not listening to that little voice that makes excuses to why you cant do something or the voice that says “this effort was good enough.”  its about making progress from yesterday matter what.   

What do you want to be when you grow up?  hahaha still working on that.  I do know that my big goals are to spend as many of my days doing whatever the fuck I want to.  I love creating, traveling, speaking, and learning from different experts across the world. 

What is your favorite protein (beef, bison, pork, elk, chicken, fish/seafood) and cut?  Im a beef man.  Ribeyes can cure the world of mostly anything I think.

What is your favorite meal? Big giant ribeye.  If I am getting loose pair that with a nice bourbon and a truffle risotto.

Do you meal prep? If so, what day do you prep and how many days do you prep for?  I try to keep some meat  cooked in the fridge.  This just allows me to make better decisions when I do pick foods.  

What is your average daily meat consumption (in ounces)?  Usually about 25-30 ounces.  

What does nutrition (whole food) play into your diet?  It is everything.  its not just the foods you pick but the quality makes a giant difference for me.  Knowing where my food comes from is a big thing I ma a proponent of.  I think if nothing else we should all focus on avoiding processed foods.  Being able to identify all the ingredients on your plate is important and how it affects digestion and gut health.  

Are you adhering to a certain diet protocol?  If so, what it is?  I have used variations of keto and carnivore for years.  Occasionally depending on physical goals I will work in rice.

What is your favorite music to listen to?  that is all over the map.  But southern rap.  UGK, 504 boys, outkast, Juicy Jay, also hardcore stuff Every time I die, I love a variety including great 70 and 80s stuff like queen, bowie is king, Depeche mode.

How do you relax?  Usually I wind down in the evening with some TV or movie, smoke a bit of cannabis, and get away from my phone. 

What advice would you tell your 16 year old self? (In the case your 16 year old self would listen to you.)  Tell him relax on a few fronts as it is all going to workout.  I wouldn’t give too much as that is all what got me here and I am stoked on all of it.  

What do you like most about Stay Classy Meats? I like knowing whereby food is from.  I love knowing that the animals are treated with respect and live a more natural life getting to graze and eat a more natural diet for the animal.   

Do you have a website you would like us to link to? THEHVIII.COM

Age: 30
Hometown: Sulphur LA
Height/Weight :  6’ / 280
Current City: Baton Rouge LA
Years Training: 15
3 full years Highland Games

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