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Stay Classy Meats - How To Grill A Perfect Burger & Pork Chop with Chef Mario Moser

March 04, 2021 1 min read

How to Grill a Perfect Burger and Pork Chop with Chef Mario Moser from Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen

Learn how to grill the perfect burger and pork chop with Chef Mario Moser to maximize flavor. Mario is head Chef at Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen in Oceanside, CA that specializes in American Rustic Cuisine.
Watch as Mario breaks down some of the tricks of grilling a perfect burger and pork chop, everything from selecting high-quality meat to setting up your coals to chopping your condiments, seasoning your meat, and how to tell when your burger and pork chop is done. Mario cooks up some a mouth-watering burger and pork chop from Stay Classy Meats. Stay Classy Meats provides high-quality small-batch meats direct to your door.

Directed by The Martelli Brothers
Produced by Mad Media