STAY CLASS MEATS - Watch as Mario breaks down some of the tricks of grilling a perfect burger and pork chop, everything from selecting high-quality meat to setting up your coals to chopping your condiments, seasoning your meat, and how to tell when your burger and pork chop is done. Mario cooks up some a mouth-watering burger and pork chop from Stay Classy Meats. Stay Classy Meats provides high-quality small-batch meats direct to your door.
Chef Rob Ruiz breaks down how to prepare a grill and then bbq a perfect steak. Starting with the basics of clearing and cleaning a bbq, he moves on to starting briquettes and getting the grill hot. Chef Rob drops knowledge on the importance of where food is from. Beef Flat Iron, Beef Chuck Steak, Bison Hanging Tender. We all can learn a thing or three.
Beef Filet Mignon is an exquisite dining experience. Our 14-day dry aged Beef Filet Mignon look incredible going into the pan and taste even better coming out. Give this pan-sear recipe a try and you will not be disappointed.
  • 4 min read
Bison Ribeye is a leaner meat to its cousin the Beef Ribeye. Pan sear is an alternative to grilling and can produce similar results with more elaborate sauces to mix in. Check it out and give it a try today.
Chef takes a Stay Classy Meats Chicken Breast and walks us through "How To Pan Sear A Free Range, Air-Chilled, Antibiotic-Free Chicken Breast". Simple, quick, and very tasty. Discover the superior taste and easy digestion. Cook like a pro today.
Our Stay Classy Meats Pork is incredible. From small-batch farmers, these heritage breed pork offer amazing flavor and exceptional cooking quality. The pan-sear recipe is easy and quick, perfect for anyone who wants a quick meal that will taste incredible.
Ground Wagyu beef is arguably the most delectable ground beef out there. Meat Balls is a clever way to honoring this flavor-filled ground beef. A twist to the more traditional recipes, Chef adds in a little sauce to embolden the flavor.
Brats and Sausages are excellent products to create new and quick meals. The Brats and Sauages we offer are not found at local grocery stores. These are small batch with very few ingredients - a safe product any family can enjoy. Learn new cooking techniques and some knowledge about where the product comes from. Quick, Fun, Tasty - Cook like a Pro.
  • 4 min read


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