We are thrilled that you've taken the next step towards securing a sustainable protein source for yourself and your family for the next three years. This exclusive opportunity allows you to receive the most nutrient-dense protein in the US directly from Carter's regenerative ranch located in Ten Sleep, Wyoming.

At Stay Classy, our mission is to support the logistical side of direct-to-consumer beef orders for ranchers like the Carters. By handling the logistics, we enable the producers to focus on their soil and herd health, which is key to restoring America's cattle numbers and redeveloping topsoil and healthy grassland ecosystems.

For the past few years, RC and his family have dedicated themselves to practicing regenerative agriculture, placing a strong emphasis on soil health. This commitment has resulted in highly nutrient-dense meat that resembles the quality found in the pre-World War II era, before the industrial food system was established. You can learn more about the Carter beef and the data provided by the Bio Nutrient Institute by visiting their website at

We also invite you to join us on a live Zoom session every Tuesday at 7 PM MST, where our beef sourcing expert, AJ Richards, will be available to answer your questions and provide further insights into this exclusive program. This is a wonderful opportunity to expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding of our sustainable sourcing practices.

By placing a purchase order today, you will secure your supply of premium, nutrient-dense meat from Carter's Regenerative Ranch for the next three years. Don't miss out on this chance to provide your family with the highest quality protein available in the US.

Orders ship December 1st, Reserve your spot now as numbers are limited. Our team will promptly process your order and get your first 30 lbs of regenerative ground beef on its way today!

Thank you for choosing Stay Classy Meats, where we prioritize sustainability, soil health, and the well-being of our customers. Together with the Carters Regenerative Ranch, we are working towards the restoration of America's cattle numbers and the redevelopment of topsoil and healthy grassland ecosystems.

Limited Availability
Only 100 Spots Available

Whole cow purchase = $6,000 
(360 lbs @ $16.67 pr lb)

+ PLUS 30 lbs of FREE Ground Beef as soon as you
reserve your order - $360 value

*Options to secure pricing for the next 3 years

Premium Cuts Included
Guaranteed 2 Each of Rib Eye, New York Strip, Sirloin, and Filet Steaks along with ground and roast cuts.

Convenient Monthly Deliveries
Sent in 30 lbs Boxes, No Need for Large Freezer Capacity


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