F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

About Stay Classy Meats

How long has Stay Classy Meats been in business?
We launched Stay Classy Meats in February 2018.  We have been in the wholesale meat business in Montana for the Northern Rockies for the past 10 years. Stay Classy Meats is a new extension that allows us to deliver this high quality product currently only available at wholesale, straight to your doorstep.  

Why should I buy from Stay Classy Meats?
We offer clean meats with no hormones and no antibiotics.  We recognize that the commodity meat production is broken.  While it may be highly profitable for a small group of people, it is causing severe health issues.  We source from family-run ranches who allow animals to graze freely on regenerative nutrient-rich grass (during the months where the grass can grow).  There is a sustainable water source that provides the animals with clean mountain spring water and fresh mountain air.  This costs more to produce and care for animals on a smaller scale, but over the course of a lifespan, this could be the difference in having health issues or not.

The ranchers we work with know every animal on their ranch and they are treated extremely well.  These animals are their livelihood.  They are finished at the same location where they matured, never ending up on a feedlot.  

Where are your farms/ranches located?
We work with different ranches and farms in the Northern Rockies region.  They are all on different cycles so what is ordered one month may be different from the next month.  All the ranches and farms are family owned and cater to a small batch product.  This allows for the animals to live a very happy life with minimal stress.

Bison: We pull the majority of Bison from Montana, followed by Idaho and Wyoming

Elk: We primarily pull product from New Zealand (Mountain River Elk). When we can we pull from the US, we do, mainly from Idaho, Wyoming and a little Montana. 

Cattle: The majority of the cattle we sell comes from Montana with a little Wyoming, Idaho and Colorado

Pork: The majority of our pork come from Montana and a little from Nebraska and Iowa.  We use only heritage breed (Berkshire, Berkshire/Tamworth mix, Huterite breeds).

Chicken: Nebraska and Wyoming

Fish: Fish is sustainably sourced from Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington

Are you certified Organic?
No, we are not certified Organic.  Our animals Bison, Elk and Cattle are all free range animals, foraging on natural grasses growing wild in the fields that replenish itself yearly. We rely on nature to do its part to grow regenerative, nutrient-rich grasses so the animals have feed. Fortunately, we have a lot of water and sun so the process is very natural and efficient. We do it the old-school way with our time-honored tradition which is a natural process. This is what the spirit of the organic movement is all about. We’re not certified organic for a couple important reasons 1) the animals are free range and eat naturally growing grasses in an environmentally sustainable area with abundant fresh water and naturally nutritious grasses and 2) the costs involved for the rancher/farmer are too high, even with government subsidies. 

What happens if I do not like my product?
We back our product 100%. If you are not happy, we will refund or replace the product, whichever you prefer. We have been working with high-end restaurants, personal chefs and very strict co-ops/boutique natural grocers over the past 10 years. Our product is a different quality than most experience at their local grocer/butcher.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?
Yes, we offer a 100% money back guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with your meat.

How are our products different from what is found at the grocery store of other online retailers?
The small batch ranchers and farmers we work with produce the highest quality products. The ranchers manage their animals with intense care and respect.  The animals are fed high quality fresh, nutrient-rich feed which provides a very tasty and highly nutritious product. Our goal is to provide you the cleanest, most nutritious protein available. Our product is limited, much like you would find at a local farmer’s market. Each rancher processes animals once or twice a year and the processed animal is immediately frozen. Supply is limited and when certain cuts sell out, we need to wait until they process again. This is why we work with different ranchers who are on different processing schedules. Fortunately, we have deep relationships that allow for us to secure the necessary supply to ship to you and everyone else who orders from Stay Classy Meats.

How can I contact you?
We are available at  Feel free to write us at any time. Or if you would rather call/text, we are here for you: 406.518.1663

Do you sell to Hawaii?
Yes, we do.

Do you sell to Alaska?
Yes, we do.

About Quality Meat 

What is “ABF”
ABF is an acronym for antibiotic free. You will see this in our chicken and pork. We avoid the use of antibiotics because the ranchers/farmers with whom we work take excellent care of the animals. Animals that tend to get sick are normally near other animals, as one would find in a feedlot application.

What is “never-ever”?
Never-Ever is a term used in the meat industry to refer to a clean animal; no hormones, no antibitotics, EVER. This is a superior product, without a doubt. It not only eats and tastes better, it is better for you. Even if you do not purchase from Stay Classy Meats, please do us all a favor and only purchase Never-Ever product. This will ensure that we improve the animal husbandry in the US.

What is “blast-frozen”?
It is a process whereby the meat is frozen in freezers at a rapid rate. This advancement in meat storage revolutionized the industry. Blast freezing is a fast-freezing method that within 24 hours the product reaches 0 °F. This method not only curbs bacteria growth, it also prevents rapid nutrient deterioration. This means that the product you receive is as nutritious as it was the day it was cut.  

What is “small-batch”?
Small-batch refers to the quantity of animals being raised or processed. Within the small-batch environment most farms/ranches adhere to sustainable practices and highly animal-centric. The belief that if the animal is well kept, it will eat better, be more nutritious, and preserve better. Humane handling and high animal husbandry minimizes sick animals who need antibiotics. Hormones are never needed in a small batch grass-fed setting because the animals are eating what they are supposed to eat. The lower the stress level the higher the quality.

Are these animals grass-fed?
Our cattle, bison, and elk are all free range, grass-fed animals that are sometimes supplemented on grains - just depends on the time of year. We feel this allows for more of the protein-rich grass and seed (grain) to create a better tasting and more nutritious product.

Is Wagyu Beef the same as Kobe?
Wagyu is any of 4 Japanese breeds of beef cattle. Kobe is the capital city of the prefecture of Hyogo where a particular strain of Wagyu is raised. Kobe is often used in lieu of Wagyu. The Wagyu we use is an American Wagyu, this is a pure Wagyu bred with a pure Angus. It is referred to as American Wagyu, Kobe or American Kobe are the same as American Wagyu. Given the cross, it makes for the tastiest of meats you have ever tried. If you make a hamburger with this ground, for example, you will never want to go back to any other hamburger!  

What is Dry-Aged?
Dry aging beef to enhance its flavor and tenderness is used by a very small number of meat purveyors for upscale hotels and restaurants and by an even smaller number of retailers for the gourmet market. Dry aging is a process whereby beef carcasses, primals, and/or subprimals are stored – without protective packaging – at refrigeration temperatures for one to five weeks to allow the natural enzymatic and biochemical processes that result in improved tenderness and the development of the unique flavor that can only be described as “dry-aged beef.”

Why is there a Use By/Freeze By Date and what does it mean?
All the product we sell with is frozen immediately after production. Some of the product we sell with have a Use By/ Freeze By date on the package - not all packages do, mainly ones that will end up on grocery store shelves. The date references the peak quality of a product. If sold fresh (not frozen) then the product's peak quality will be at or before the stated date. If frozen before the date, the peak quality is maintained indefinitely.   


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