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Wickens Beef Tomahawk - Bone-In Ribeye M - 20 oz

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Beef Bone in Ribeye Steak "Tomahawk"- ~20 oz-~25 oz

Bone-In Ribeye "Tomahawk" steak is one of the best treats around. They have a higher fat content which means optimum flavor! Do yourself a favor and bust this out at your next dinner gathering - you will be up for the host of the year award. At ~20 oz, this will feed more than one, unless you prefer to not share. 

Portion Sizes:
Bone-in ribeyes will vary in size. Animals that are free ranging and not finished on feed lots will vary in size. Each one is unique, and their muscles can vary depending on the weight range when culled. When slicing without the bone, it is easier to portion to spec. When slicing bone-in, we are subject to the amount of meat on the rib in that specific section. 

Cooking Method:
Pan Sear

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