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American Wagyu Ribeye (Searing Steaks) - 16oz-20oz Pack

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American Wagyu Ribeye - Searing Steaks
16oz-20oz Pack (2 x 8oz-10oz steaks per pack)
$40 per pack

American Wagyu ribeye searing steaks are an incredible treat. Raised in small batches on grass and traditional Japanese feeding protocols in Iowa and Texas, these animals produce a fat makeup of the white lattice marbling (primarily unsaturated fat), often making Wagyu cuts healthier than many USDA prime beef products. 
These steaks are great to eat as a main course or simplified to eat in a steak sandwich, however you slice it, these make for an incredible meal. Dressed up or down, these searing steaks are very adaptive. 

Cooking with Wagyu
The intramuscular fat of Wagyu has a lower melting point than that of normal beef fat which lends them to cooking to lower temperatures. We advise to cook to a maximum of Medium temperature. These searing steaks only require a basic rub and a 2 min sear on each side at a medium high heat. 

Customer Reviews

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As a retired rancher, I found the quality of the Wagyu beef to grade out as GOOD, not choice or prime. It had a lot of gristle and membrane, making it an effort to eat
.I won't try it again. The Shrimp Burgers are much better tasting. 1 out of 3.

Hi Frank. Our sincere apologies that the steaks were not up to par. We have reached out to you via email to provide you a solution for these lackluster steaks. I am glad you liked the Shrimp Burgers, they are surprisingly refreshing. Have a great day!