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Salt - Pure Kosher Sea Salt, 16oz by Jacobsen Salt

Pure Kosher Sea Salt
Jacobsen Salt Co.’s Pure Kosher Sea Salt is wonderful as a finishing salt—but it can do so much more. It has a smaller grain than the company's signature flaky sea salt, which makes it a perfect go-to alternative for table salt in recipes: It weighs just a tad less than table salt, so the volumes are almost equivalent, yet it's easier to pick up by hand and sprinkle into dishes than table salt. The company hand-harvests every single grain of salt from the Netarts Bay in northern Oregon, so this bright, clean-flavored sea salt has an even consistency ideal for cooking, baking or pickling, in addition to finishing sprinkles.

About Jacobsen Salt Co.:

Ben Jacobsen knows his product down to the granular level.

Before starting Jacobsen Salt Co., he spent two and a half years in Denmark learning about salt production and traveled up and down the Pacific Coast hand-collecting and testing saltwater samples. Once he settled on the pristine Netarts Bay in Northern Oregon, Jacobsen designed a multi-step harvesting system for his sea salts. Ocean water is cooked down in custom pans and excess minerals are boiled off, resulting in a delicate, crisp sea salt with no bitter aftertaste. With every flake of salt carefully graded and sorted by hand, it’s no wonder that Jacobsen’s salts are favored by chefs.

Customer Reviews

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Yosh Stoklosa

Love the size of the flakes

Frank Wilson

It pours freely & tastes just like salt should.