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Pork PIT Ham (Smoked) - ~3lb

Smoked PIT Ham
3lb Portion - Heat and Serve Item

This heritage breed pork is an amazing addition to your daily breakfast, lunch or dinner routine.

  • Breakfast: Carve off some steaks for some breakfast pork steaks to accompany with eggs, pancakes, or whatever your heart desires.
  • Lunch: make some thinner slices and prepare a great sandwich
  • Dinner: put this badboy in the over, heat it up and serve with your favorite starch (potatoes, rice, quinoa) and veggies for an exceptional dinner.

Heritage breed pork tastes way better than convention pork. This is a cross between Berkshire and Tamworth breeds and this combo is legendary for its flavor profile.
This PIT ham is "Partially Internally Trimmed" - a whole ham was cut apart, the bone and some of the fat trimmed away. It was wrapped up and then smoked. This ham is the perfect item to have in your freezer either for a "just in case" quick dinner for when unexpected guests come over or to have a nice sit down Sunday meal with the family. Either way, leftovers make an amazing sandwich.

Pork, Water, Salt, Sugar, Maple Sugar, Sodium Nitrite (as a curing salt)

Bake at 325F for approximately 15 min per pound, or until internal temp reaches 165 F

*Please note that the average weight on these PIT Hams is 3.5 lbs but can have a bit of a variance. We do our best to price at the lowest weight. 

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