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The EveryDay Sampler

We curated this box to provide 1 of each of our main items in this box. This is a smaller version to the Ultimate Sampler and still filled with a wide array of quality cuts. We have Beef, Bison, Elk, Pork Chicken, Fish in this box. It is about 11lbs of absolute amazing cuts of meat. 

This is a perfect item to test your cooking/grilling/food prepping skills. Or better yet, want to send a tasty gift to someone and surprise them with this cornucopia of different meats. 

1lb Beef Grassfed Ground Beef, 1lb 
1lb Beef Ribeye 1lb (2 x 8oz searing steaks) 
.75lb Bison Tenderloin Steaks 
1lb Chicken Breast Boneless/Skinless / 1.0lb 
1lb Del Pacifico Wild Caught Mexican Blue Shrimp 21/25 - Fair Trade Certified 
2lb Elk Medallions, 0.95lb Pack
.92lb MT Pork Bacon (15oz-18oz) 
1lb Pork Chops Boneless / 1 lb (16oz-19oz) 
1 Seasoning - Yellowstone Natural - Hickory Bourbon Seasoning Dry Rub, 4oz. Bag
1 Seasoning - Yellowstone Natural - Citrus Pecan Dry Rub - 4oz. Bag
.18lb Yellowstone Natural Elk Sticks Pepperoni Flavor 

Customer Reviews

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Mike Nagyhazy
Ideal Sampler for Variety

We recently ordered The Everyday Sampler from SCM, and were NOT disappointed! Everything arrived in great shape, frozen, and easy to unpack. Shipping updates were sent, so I knew exactly when the product would arrive at home. The product packaging is ideal for freezer or fridge storage, as it's vacuum-sealed. One night, we explored pan-seared elk medallions (so tender!), then created a delicious veggie rice bowl with the pork cubes the following night (marinade them in a bit of soy sauce and honey). We've never had a bad item from SCM, even with all of the recent product exploration. On top of that, it's a smaller business operated by a very friendly and helpful team. Highly recommend SCM!