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Bison-Beef-Elk Box

Game meat is the original meat that kept our ancestors healthy and strong. Packed with essential nutrients to help our bodies function efficiently, this not only provides a healthy and natural alternative to supplements, it also tastes amazing when cooked correctly.

Cooking Game: keep it simple and make sure to always cook to a medium rare-medium temperature. The elk medallions only require 1.5 min on each side on a hot frying pan or bbq. 

Box Contents:

Product Quantity Unit Weight Total Weight
Beef T-Bone, 0.9lb   2 0.9 lb 1.8 lb
Bison Top Sirloin Steaks, 1lb 2 1.0 lb 2.0 lb
American Wagyu Steak Grind 75/25 - 1lb Package  2 1.0 lb 2.0 lb
Elk Frenched Rack, 4 per pack, 1.25lb 2 1.25 lb 1.25 lb
Grassfed Ground Beef 85/15, 1lb pack 2 1.0 lb 1.0 lb
Ground Bison, 85/15, 1 lb 2 1.0 lb 2.0 lb
Ground Elk, 90/10, 1 lb 2 1.0 lb 2.0 lb
Seasoning - Yellowstone Natural - Coffee Chile Dry Rub, 4oz Pouch  1 0.25 lb 0.25 lb
Seasoning - Yellowstone Natural - Signature Steak Dry Rub, 4oz Pouch 1 0.25 lb 0.25 lb
Thermometer  1 0.3 lb 0.3 lb

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