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Elk Frenched Full Rack, 8-Rib (labeled as "Venison")


Elk Frenched Rack - 1 x 8-Rib Frenched Portions
2.5lb-3.0lb Pack

*Please note that this product is labeled as Venison on the package. Be rest assured that this is not Deer. USDA labels both Elk and Deer as "Venison". Our supplier out of New Zealand elected to label all Elk as "Venison" - it is confusing and we have stressed this to our supplier. 

New Zealand Elk is mild and very tender. When cooked properly many people detect a light bit of flintiness similar to a Premier Cru from Chablis.  It is simply delicious and pairs surprisingly well with almost any spice combination you can dream up.
This cut lends itself to a Medium Rare finish with a nice bearnaise sauce, rubbed with a nice flake salt and pepper rub. Either way you prepare it, it will turn out amazing - please do not over cook it. It will cook faster than beef given its low fat content.

Health Benefits:
New Zealand Elk is rich in iron and low in fat, making it an ideal meat to include as part of a balanced diet. Venison is packed with many nutrients required for good health such as iron, zinc and a number of B vitamins including B-12, which is why it is called a nutrient dense food. Red meat is one of the best sources of easily absorbable iron (heme-iron). Venison contains more iron than any other meat, including more iron than beef and lamb.


  • Remove the elk from the packaging and allow it to breathe.  The mild odor is natural and will dispel in minutes, and the meat will regain its rosy red hue.
  • Always pre-heat the cooking surface.  Elk should be cooked fast over high heat due to its low fat content.   Brush or spray the grill or pan with oil before cooking; the added fat helps prevent sticking and drying out.
  • We suggest elk be served medium rare to medium for optimum flavor and texture.
  • Use your favorite seasoning blend, salt/pepper combo or nothing at all. This product is flavorful on its own.
  • Because of its high protein and low fat levels, elk will continue to cook for a while after it is removed from the heat.  Allow the meat to rest for 5 to 10 minutes before cutting and serving.

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Matthew Parrish
Ordering this again

These were delicious. Many in my group had never had elk before and they loved it!