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ELITE Box - 30 lbs

30 Pounds | 80 meals | FREE SHIPPING | Premium Quality
Less than $5.00 per meal before subscription discount

We have curated this box to allow you different applications to enjoy these clean, healthy and tasty products.  We have a mix of beef steaks, chicken breasts or thighs, ground beef, bison or elk steaks, bison or elk with beef blended ground, bacon, and different sausages and brats using the same clean inputs.

ELITE BOX Contents:
3lb - Beef Ribeye or NY Strip (Six - 8 oz Steaks)
2lb - Bison Ribeye or NY Strip (Four - 8 oz Steaks)
3lb - Porkchop Medallion Boneless
3lb - Chicken Breast or Thighs
3lb - Beef Ground Wagyu
3lb - Pork Artisanal Bacon
3lb - Artisanal Chicken Sausage
3lb - Elk or Bison Ground Blend
2lb - Artisanal Bison Sausage
3lb - Artisanal Beef Sausage                                                                                   

FEATURED STEAK - Monthly steak can change without notice
2lb - Skirt Steak

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