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Cowgirl Meat Co - Quarter of a Cow

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Quarter of a Cow (Grass Fed / Grass Finished)
~82 lbs - ~3.5 cubic feet of space
*Free Epicurean Cutting Board with Purchase*
$100 Store Credit After Purchase

First 10 Orders will be entered to win a Shun 7" Santoku Chef's Knife

We are very excited to be working with Cowgirl Meat Co and offering this high quality grass fed and finished product to you. This is seasonal product and only comes around once per year. We have a limited supply of these quarters so don't wait on them. 

PRODUCT Cut Weight # Steaks Total Weight
BOTTOM ROUND STEAKS 1.19-1.23 2 2.50 lbs
CHUCK ROAST 4.25-4.38 1 4.31 lbs
DENVER 1.19-1.21 2 2.40 lbs
EYE OF ROUND STEAKS 1.22-1.23 2 2.45 lbs
OSSO BUCCO 1 2 2.00 lbs
NEW YORK .85-.88 5 4.40 lbs
MARROW BONES 2.75 1 2.75 lbs
RIBEYE COWBOY 1.18-1.2 3 3.60 lbs
TOP ROUND 1.1-1.2 3 3.45 lbs
FILET MIGNON .84-1.02 2 1.85 lbs
SHORT RIBS 2.5-3.5 2 6.00 lbs
SKIRT 1.55-1.62 1 1.58 lbs
FLANK 1.54-1.64 1 1.59 lbs
SIRLIONS 1.11-1.24 3 3.60 lbs
SIRLOIN TIP 1.24-1.26 2 2.50 lbs
GROUND 1 40 40.00 lbs
TOTALS   80 82.58 lbs

About Cowgirl Meat Co:

Cowgirl Meat Co is owned and operated by Jaimie Stoltzfus out of McLeod, MT. Cowgirl Meat Co was born from Jaimie’s desire to raise quality meat for her family which grew into selling to family and friends, to a full business in 2015.

Jaimie and her husband Austin, along with their two young children, raise high quality black angus cattle on the ranch they operate which they sell direct to consumer. They are passionate about being good stewards of the land and livestock and intensively graze their cattle on the best forage for optimal finish on their grass finished beef. All the cattle sold through Cowgirl Meat Co are free from antibiotics or added hormones.

Cowgirl Meat Co also raises organic, pastured pork. Their pigs are heritage breed, are fed an organic feed free of animal byproducts, hormones, and antibiotics. Pigs have ample room to roam on pasture and are raised in small batches.


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