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Carter Country Meats - Ribeye Tomahawk

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Carter Country Meats - Tomahawk
From 32oz to 48oz
Price Varies with Weight

Who is ready to step up to the monster Tomahawk? 
Carter Country Meats Tomahawk is double-Aged. You want a piece of meat that does not shrink, this is your tomahawk. We get very few of these on a weekly basis from a local MT butcher. 
These definitely are very impressive and they eat very well. 

Carter Country Meats:
Born from the Big Horn Mountains in Ten Steep, Wyoming, Carter Country Meats continues the family ranching legacy of raising the best quality cattle with the utmost care and respect for the land and animals. 

Preparation Instructions:
Flake Salt and Pepper to taste - this meat comes pre-flavored from the natural Wyoming grasses. 

Cooking Instructions:
Anything bone-in will be more forgiving on the grill. Follow Chef Rob Ruiz's guide to grilling and you will be golden. 
How To Grill A Perfect Steak

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Have not had a chance to try them yet however the shipping was fast and look forward to that time !