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Carter Country Meats - Double-Aged NY Strip Steak

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Carter Country Meats - 45-Day Double-Aged NY Strip Steak

Cut from the short loin, the NY Strip Steak is a low locomotion muscle identified by its unparalleled intramuscular fat and large fat cap. The short, tender muscle fibers in this top tier steak allow the grass fat marbling to shine through, creating one of the most sought after cuts on the cow. 

Carter Country Meats does not grade its cattle on the traditional USDA spectrum. When Carter Country beef arrives at the dry-aging facility, their in-house butcher, Nate Singer, hand grades each steak using tried and tested steakhouse butchery standards. The steaks that you are purchasing here are the best of the best with the finest marbling; all marked above prime and separated from the rest before dry aging for 45 days. You’ve never seen or tasted grass fed beef like this before...unless you’ve already ordered from us. 

Tips For Grilling a 45-Day Dry-Aged Steak:
Important to note: Dry-Aging steaks removes excess moisture from the steak. Cooking more than medium rare may result in a tougher than desired steak. When cooking at Medium Rare, you will be rewarded with amazing beefy flavor and an unrivaled tenderness.
1) Remove from Freezer and thaw in refrigerator for 2 days
2) Bring steak to room temperature
3) Prior to grilling, liberally salt (and season) the steak
4) Get a nice sear on the each side of the steak - you will want to sear it for about 3-4 min per side
5) Remove from direct heat and finish for another 5 min with indirect heat - finish with medium rare 
6) Let steak rest for 10-15min prior to cutting

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