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Bison Tri Tip

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Bison Tri Tip
1.75lb, 2.75lb, 3lb
Price Varies With Weight

A flavor-packed part of the bottom sirloin, this cut is best cooked searing the two flatter sides and then indirect heat to get the middle to temperature. Bison is leaner than Beef so cooking this will be slightly less time than what you would do for a beef Tri Tip.  It's best to not over-cook this cut as it can become tough.  

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Customer Reviews

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Bison Tri Tip

Ordered from Stay Classy Meats on a recommendation from my son and I was very pleased. The order was shipped on Monday as promised and arrived (Michigan) on Wednesday, a day earlier than the original ship notification. All the meat was still frozen and looks great. The first cut I tried was the Bison Tri Tip. Cooked with my own rub (which includes finely ground coffee, salt pepper, cayenne, etc) by charing on hot grill first (6 minutes / side), wrapping in foil and finishing in the oven until 120 degrees. Turned out wonderful, juicy and delicious. Everyone loved it. Highly recommend. Can’t wait to try the salmon, ribeye and chicken!

Vanderschans Order

As always, top notch quality meat. Reluctantly, gave the remaining bison tri tip to in-laws. Once again, the order was over the top.

Great product. Family loved it

The bison tri-tip was fantastic. Cooked it on the Traeger. Definitely going to reorder.

Bison Tri-tip

The Bison Tri-tip was excellent and I would highly recommend it. I smoked it on my Traeger - low and slow.