Bison - Eighth of Bison

Eighth of Bison - Over 32 lbs of Bison Meat
Avg per lb cost: $19.38

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FATHER'S DAY PROMO - Valid through 6-12-22:
     1 Extra lb of Bison Jerky (5 lb total)
     1 SCM USA-Made Epicurean Cutting Board

We rarely get a whole bison to split into eighths, and we have it now! Raised in Three Forks, MT, Bison is allowed to free graze on over 20,000 acres of land. Always fed a pastured grass, this Bison product is lean and packed with more essential vitamins and minerals that we normally consume - oh, and they are all bio-available!

We have a few head trickling in over the year and we are doing our best to keep prices down as much as possible. 

These Eighths are subject to change slightly and below is the general product mix:

Cut Spec Quantity Total Min Weight Total Max Weight
Bone-In Ribeye 26oz-32oz 2 3.50lb 4.00lb
Beef Short Ribs 1.75lb-2.25lb 1 1.75lb 2.25lb
Top Sirloin Steaks 14oz-18oz 4 3.50lb 4.50lb
Jerky* 1lb 4 4.00lb 4.00lb
Marrow Bones 1.5lb-2lb 1 1.50lb 2.00lb
Round Roast 2-2.5lb 1 2.00lb 2.50lb
Bison Brats Smoked 12oz 6 5.25lb 5.25lb
Ground Bison 1lb 10 10.00lb 10.00lb
SCM Thermometer   1 0.00lb 0.00lb
YN Seasoning Rub - BBQ 4oz 1 0.25lb 0.25lb
YN Seasoning Rub - MT Signature Steak 4oz 1 0.25lb 0.25lb
YN Seasoning Rub - Hickory Bourbon 4oz 1 0.25lb 0.25lb
YN Seasoning Rub - Coffee Chili 4oz 1 0.25lb 0.25lb
TOTALS   29 33.25lb 37.25lb

 *Note that 4lbs of Jerky is equal to about 6.5 lbs of raw meat. 



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Heather Hobbins

The bison brats are a favorite! The flavors are very tastey and did not disappoint.
The bison jerky was hard to chew.
I was really disappointed with the bone-in ribeye. It had orange tissue that was hard to chew. It reminded me a lot of the jerky.
The ground bison is great! I used a StayClassy Chili recipe and it turned out really good!

M Brown
Great packaging and delivery service. Meet very average.

To date, we’ve sampled only 2 different steaks from last month‘s bison order – the bone-in ribeye and top sirloins which were grilled to rare doneness on our gas grill. Both experiences were quite disappointing. One sirloin especially and both ribeye steaks were permeated throughout with connective tissue. It was impossible to cut them with a steak knife or even begin to masticate them enough for swallowing. We tried separating the meat from the connective tissue with our knives to eat but could not as it was so tough. Ultimately the steaks were chopped into small pieces with a “CLEAVER” for our dog, Such a shame - so pricey & not edible . We’ve never had bison and are hoping that the roast & ribs will be more tender. Hoping that the ground bison will be more palatable as well. Maybe ours was a “old “bison but I cannot recommend. Pictures provided. Zoom in on the one with the small pieces to see how pervasive the connective tissue was .

Meat is amazing quality!

The quality of the meat is amazing. They are fresh, well packaged and all arrived frozen at my doorstep. My only concern is with such a high quality product that is so mindful of providing grass-fed meat to it's customers, how would they even consider forcing us to take a product like the jerky that has MSG in it? What a waste of my money in that regard. They should offer the option to take just the 1/8th of the bison without the other add ons for those of us that care about those types of additives.


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