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Cowgirl Meat Co - T-Bone Steak

Beef T-Bone Steak

Cross cut from the short loin this bone-in steak features a New York strip on one side and a Filet Mignon on the other. The short loin is home of the most tender cuts on the entire animal. The T-Bone is an impressive cut both when BBQing and plated. Eat it alone or share with a friend, this cut is sure to provide optimal satisfaction.

Cooking Method:
Pan Sear

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Customer Reviews

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Deanna Eaves
Just OK

The T-bones I ordered were a bit of a disappointment. They were not as thick as the first ones I ordered. The meat was not as tender as I expected and there was less fat along the edges as compared to the others I had ordered. I don't remember who I received my first order from but it wasn't Cowgirl. I am truly sorry to give such a negative review but I think my first order spoiled me for any future orders from Cowgirl.