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Beef-Chicken-Fish Box

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Key Stats:
Meals: ~18 (6oz portion size)
Cost per Meal: $7.11 per meal

Inspired by meal prep, this box provides a nutritious combination of grassfed beef (lean meats), free-range, air-chilled chicken, and quality fish. Our bodies need different protein and nutritional profiles to optimize how we function physically and mentally. This blend of beef, chicken and fish does just that. 

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Product Overview*:

Item Description Quantity TOTAL Weight
Yellowstone River Grassfed Ground Beef - 1 lb pack 1 1.00lbs
Beef Ribeye 1 lb (2 x 8oz searing steaks) 1 1.00lbs
Halibut Filet - 6oz / 0.38lb (6oz) 2 0.75lbs
Chicken Breast (Boneless/Skinless) - 1.1 lb Pack 2 2.00lbs
Sockeye Salmon - 6 oz portion 2 0.75lbs
Yellowstone Natural Hickory Bourbon Seasoning, 5 oz. Pouch
1 0.30lbs
Del Pacifico Wild Caught Blue Shrimp 21/25 1 1.00lbs

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Beef-Chicken-Fish Box

Not For Me

The meat was really good! However, I can pay about half and get the same amount of meat from my local halal store. I'm just not the demographic that this product is for.

Hi Guy!
Thank you for the message. When it comes to pricing and meat, we get it. If you have a halal option locally, that is great. We have been trying to source halal meat but very few processors on the western side of the US offer the slaughter portion to be certified halal - at least we have not found one yet within our radius (food miles are important to us and we do not want the animals stressed by being in a truck for a lengthy period of time). Appreciate your email.