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Beef-Chicken-Bison Box

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Key Stats:

Meals: ~21 (6oz portion size)
Cost per Meal: $6.14 per meal

We curated this box specifically for those who meal prep. We offer a balance between Bison, Chicken, and Beef to jump start your week. Cook it all at once and ration out your week or cook as you go. Either way, we provide you a convenient and cost-efficient way to secure your high quality proteins to get you through your week. 

Order a one-time box or subscribe and save with every order.  

Product Breakdown*

Item Description Weight Quantity
Beef Ribeye 1 lb 1.00lbs 1
Chicken Breast (Boneless/Skinless) - ~1.2 lbs 2.20lbs 2
Bison Tenderloin Steak - 14oz-16oz 0.88lbs 1
Yellowstone River Grassfed Ground Beef - 1lb 2.00lbs 2
Bison Ground Blend - 1 lb Pack 1.00lb 1
Yellowstone Natural Hickory Bourbon Seasoning, 5 oz. Pouch 0.19lbs 1

*Product can change on occasion depending on available quantity. If there are substitutions we will ensure they are equal to higher value than advertised 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Still don’t have it

I understand there were shipping issues and the meat spoiled but I still have yet to receive the second shipment and it’s been a couple weeks.


I have never received this shipment order.

No box

I still don't have the box.

I am surprised to see reviews for people who have not received their orders but have received communication from us regarding the delay we (and the entire country) experienced with FedEx for over 2 weeks. We communicated via email notifying you of the issue at hand and the potential dates when the shipping would resume. We went as far as provide store credit to you for the delay. It really hurts to see these lackluster reviews especially when they are not substantiated. It would have been more fair of a review if the customer would have acknowledged the multiple communications they received from us plus the compensation for the delay. It definitely stings to see these reviews.

Bad Cuts of Meat Included

One of the cuts of meat that was included in this box was not identifiable. When I tried cooking it, I couldn't cut through the tough sinew and fat that was covering the piece of meat. I'm not sure if a bad cut was accidentally thrown in or if another issue occurred. This is the first time (out of many times ordering from this company) that I have experienced this issue.

Hi Katelyn. Oh my, we are so sorry! I am wondering if it was the Bison Flat Iron. While we provide certain cut specifications to the butchers we work with, each animal is unique. It is definitely not normal or intentional that this product would be vacuum packaged. Regardless, we will make this right for you. We will follow up with an email.
Again, our sincere apologies Katelyn!