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Bringing stewardship and sustainability to raising healthy, grass-fed cattle. Your trusted source for Montana Beef. 

“From fine cuts to ground beef, you can feel good about the delicious and healthy Wickens Ranch Beef you feed your friends and family.”

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“Barbecued this beauty [Wickens Tomahawk Steak] and the whole family devoured it! ”

- Keegan H.

“We had steaks last night that were THE BEST we have ever had. They were flavorful, extremely tender and just knowing that came from “clean” beef was a big plus. Keep us on the list (if there is one) for next year!"

From my family to yours Thank You!  - Mac M.

"I think my son and I are addicted to your ground beef. Best Hamburger on this planet!"

- Eli B

“I appreciate that we can buy great tasting beef from a ranch that has ethical and sustainable practices”

 - Griffin H.

Sustainably Raised. Good for your body.

By purchasing from us, you support an agricultural model that is becoming more and more unusual in the US: a non-corporate, single-family-owned farm or ranch.