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Blade steak

Don’t waste your time or money with this cut of meat. I marinated it for 5 hours cooked it on the grill to medium rare. This Blade steak was so tough and flavorless I threw it out.

Great Quality Meat

I love the meats from Stay Classy. The quality is always good.

Core II Box
Frances Murphy
Core 1 box

Excellent variety of meats. Like the fact that all the beef is pasture raised and chicken is cage free. Quality of meat is excellent


Unfortunately, there was pork in it (which I'm not supposed to have), but it was still amazing tasting! 😉
I give it a 5 out of 5!!!!!!

Just do it

Great meat and great service. I live on the east coast and everything arrives in a timely manner and very frozen.

Love the taste of the Jerky

The jerky mixed with the Huckleberry Vodka is great! A nice touch of spice with the pepper. What I like is that the jerky is not totally dried out like some. It has some flexibility and easy to chew and absorb the flavors.

Halibut 8oz-Awesome!

Excellent product and lightning fast shipment. Great taste and will order again.

terrible customer service

Have tried to cancel my subscription for two months. Just got another package fully defrosted with blood in the bottom of the box.

Hi Jonathan. You originally cancelled your order after it had shipped. We could not cancel an order that was already in transit.
However, for this past month, we failed to cancel your subscription. I have gone in and confirmed that your order was cancelled. What concerns me more than the cancellation is “another” bloody box. Why did you not let us know on the first one you received. We back our product and shipment 100%. I have also refunded you the amount paid due to your original confirmation of cancellation and the bloody box. This is definitely not how we intend that customers receive their order.
It is always a bummer to receive a 1 star review. We are very fair people and we do take care of our customers. We obviously made a mistake on cancelling your order but a simple message to us would have garnered the same response as your 1 star message. I hope in the future you look at small businesses differently and communicate with them a bit more before trying to make it difficult for them to operate.

We appreciate the business you have given us and we will be here in the future.

Wishing you the best,


Bison - Eighth of Bison
Heather Hobbins

The bison brats are a favorite! The flavors are very tastey and did not disappoint.
The bison jerky was hard to chew.
I was really disappointed with the bone-in ribeye. It had orange tissue that was hard to chew. It reminded me a lot of the jerky.
The ground bison is great! I used a StayClassy Chili recipe and it turned out really good!

Wagyu + Pork Burger

I made the burgers on the grill. They were delicious and I definitely would buy again!

Whole Goose ~7-9 lbs
Kurban Niyaz
The best goose

It's my second time ordering goose from the same seller as I'm happy with my earlier order. We often prepare a whole goose kebab for our guests with our own recipe. Everybody loved that dish, and it was the only dish that has completely gone during the party. The negative thing is it's very difficult to locate goose online those days.

Pork Burgers

It was ok to much pork had to cook the pork so Burgers we’re good but very dry

Great packaging and delivery service. Meet very average.

To date, we’ve sampled only 2 different steaks from last month‘s bison order – the bone-in ribeye and top sirloins which were grilled to rare doneness on our gas grill. Both experiences were quite disappointing. One sirloin especially and both ribeye steaks were permeated throughout with connective tissue. It was impossible to cut them with a steak knife or even begin to masticate them enough for swallowing. We tried separating the meat from the connective tissue with our knives to eat but could not as it was so tough. Ultimately the steaks were chopped into small pieces with a “CLEAVER” for our dog, Such a shame - so pricey & not edible . We’ve never had bison and are hoping that the roast & ribs will be more tender. Hoping that the ground bison will be more palatable as well. Maybe ours was a “old “bison but I cannot recommend. Pictures provided. Zoom in on the one with the small pieces to see how pervasive the connective tissue was .

So Good

Incredibly juicy and flavorful. I will be ordering this again.

Bison Top Sirloin Steaks
Marjorie Dempster

I really enjoyed the bison steaks. The meat arrived swiftly and was still mostly frozen.

Core II Box
Lisa Nicholson
Excellent products as always!

I've been ordering meat from Stay Classy on and off for two years now, and while the Core Box sometimes changes what's offered in it, that's because of Stay Classy's awesome business model, which isn't a one-box-fits-all approach, and instead focuses on fresh meats from amazing farmers so products revolve out when they are in or out of stocks-which makes total sense! No over farming encouraged here folks. The quality of the products are obvious. I made bacon from this box for my brother and my dad and they loved it and said they've never had better aka this bacon doesn't reduce to nothing when it cooks like bacon you buy in a traditional grocery chain (which really is just packaging strategically only showing you one piece with substance but the rest of the pieces you can't see are just skimpy or all fat). I got this box because I wanted to restock my freezer with some variety for the summer, but you can't go wrong with any products they offer (except the smart chicken, I really hated that, but that wasn't from this box). Will continue to buy meat from here for a long time!

Best Tasting Brats

Not your ordinary brats! All were packed with flavor, even the hot dogs. Split the box with my daughter and we all got to enjoy their very high quality and uniquely seasoned items. So glad I ordered them. Great on the grill!!

Great Service

Loved every Bite

Pasture Raised Chicken

These birds have the taste and proper nutrition that I seek but is impossible to find in conventionally raised chicken. The way the meat cooks up and falls off the bone is always a great sign too.
Thank Stay Classy !


Used it on our top cut and let it soak into the steak with some olive oil. Was amazing!! Not overpowering, almost a little sweet. Would recommend to anyone!

Meat is amazing quality!

The quality of the meat is amazing. They are fresh, well packaged and all arrived frozen at my doorstep. My only concern is with such a high quality product that is so mindful of providing grass-fed meat to it's customers, how would they even consider forcing us to take a product like the jerky that has MSG in it? What a waste of my money in that regard. They should offer the option to take just the 1/8th of the bison without the other add ons for those of us that care about those types of additives.


Best flavor and is very consistent.

Bison Knuckle Bones
Susan Spencer
Raw fed dog

Thank you for my bison knuckle bone. It was delicious and my teeth are so clean and white from chewing on my bone. Mom said it saved her $1000.00 vet bill. Please send more. Moose the Aussie 🐶

Very tasty shrimp

They are very good shrimp. The price is fair. They are delivered quickly and still frozen. What else is there to say?

Good quality product and good quality people

The Squab I purchased from Stay Classy Meats was very good, tender, arrived on time as promised by Stay Classy Meats.
The quality was excellent and the price was very reasonable.
I purchased five Squabs and because it was very good I purchased 10 more.

Good quality product and good quality people