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Core II Box
Christopher Walsh
Bad customer service

I am a part of the state classy meets subscription box Plan. I had a box sent to me without notification that it was being filled. That's OK because that's when I wanted to my subscription be filled, Yet I cannot seem to find when the next subscription will be filled and I they to contact anyone on how to find or cancel the next subscription without any reply. I called and left a messages and emails .

Labor Day Special Box
Justina Rodrigues

Love the Teriyaki Jerky! The flavor is FANTASTIC!! Not to sweet and the meat comes through.


pretty good

Delicious Gift

I sent this to a friend as a gift. He gave great reviews of each item and loved the hot dogs! =)

Found on Public Square

I was looking for an alternative beef source different from my local grocery store when I came across classy meats. Let's just say that I'm glad I did. The beef was fantastic.


I heard about Stay Classy through Order of Man and my wife and I haven’t looked anywhere else for our proteins. I’ve purchased two boxes so far and both have arrived in a timely manner. They were also still entirely frozen. Everything tastes so clean and our bodies deserve a respectable protein.

Choice, lean ground beef that is delicious in any recipe.

Ground beef arrived a box well-insulated with environmentally, friendly material, topped with dry ice to maintain frozen status. The beef is shrink wrapped in flat , 1# packages. Great for freezer organization, and accessibility. Three of the packages were semi thawed , so used them for that night's meal (stuffed peppers & a small meatloaf). I was amazed that the juices that were rendered from baking were practically all water with virtually no fat. It never congealed, even when stored in the refrigerator (to mix in with our dog's dry kibble.). That impressed me because meats from the local grocery chain always render greasy juices that when cooled become congealed like cold bacon grease. I appreciate leaner meat choices so, for me, this ground beef is well worth the price in terms of leanness & flavor. We eat a lot less red meat than we used to because quality has declined so much but this ground beef reminds us of how good beef always tasted in the past.

Knuckle bone

The plastic was open and leaked all over the box but the bone made great broth!

Healthy and delicious

This ground beef Does taste different and Better. It's more expensive for meat that is Clean and Real And I have decided I am totally worth it! (You too).. Shipments have arrived still frozen hard and I'm in California desert. I am 100% satisfied with good classy nutrition.

Tasted great

Whole family liked them. Great to get away from the preservatives you get from grocery store brands.

Honey Pepper Jerky

So delicious and a very affordable snack. Perfect amount of sweet.

Great Bison

I loved the quality and we all enjoyed the Bison burgers I made with the ground Bison. The Bison summer sausage is great with cheese!

Delicious snack- great smash burgers

Our box arrived quickly, and we immediately sampled the summer sausage. It was a great addition to our picnic on the way to Anchorage. We love bison, and prefer 100% with no other meats added. The hamburger is so juicy when fried quickly in a hot Dutch skillet. Plus, the price was affordable. Loved it. Thank you.

Outstanding Product for All Recipes

I have used your ground beef in multiple recipes including burgers cooked on my Evo Grill and Traeger, meatloaf, meatballs, hamburger stroganoff, hamburger sautéed with wild mushrooms and black truffles and a multitude of other dishes. Outstanding flavor, consistency, and low in fat. A real quality product that enhances the flavors of the other ingredients and makes a dish that everyone has enjoyed. Best ground beef I have ever cooked with.

Phenomenal deal on quality beef

This is one of the best deals I've ever seen for high quality of beef. Shipping was fast as always. Highly recommend to anyone who wants the best.

Freedom Food

Great quality meat I got bison and elk steaks and they cooked up very nicely. Shipped right away arrived freshly flash frozen. I’m a customer for life.

A great deal for some great meals

There are so many unknowns in pre-packaged grocery meats these days. The source, health, nutrition & living conditions of the animals, are they humanely processed, concerns about pesticides, fertilizers, additives & ultimately the freshness of final package, etc. The high quality meat from Montana raised and grazed cattle eliminates all these concerns. Stocking the freezer with these healthy meats is obviously a great investment for one's family & in the ranchers who produce it. I regret not buying more ground beef during the Memorial Day promotion. The burgers we grilled on the day of delivery were heavenly. Looking forward to enjoying other family recipes calling for ground beef. Will purchase more in the future. Hoping for future promotions!

Burger bonanza

I'm Totally Pleased with the Memorial day burger box I received. The meat was rock hard frozen (delivered to California desert) except 2 just slightly defrosting. Each meal has been extra delicious as the beef is notably higher quality. Enough to share a bbq and I still have some frozen. The special holiday price helps digestion too! Absolutely worthwhile purchase. Thanks to the ranchers and StayClassyMeats for providing such nourishment.

Love this bison

We love the Yellowstone Bison from Stay Classy meats. We use it for our spaghetti with meat sauce, spaghetti night. It is a good choice for healthy fats. If you have not tried it, you need to get some,

Best of gifts for yourself!

It worked perfectly! The bonus box was superb and then I used the 100 towards a memorial day discounted special so I am thrilled by Big savings on Quality meat.

Justina Rodrigues
Great Customer Service

Had an issue with not getting the specified "free items" listed with my order. Contacted them via email and got a guick response and fix. Love that kind of customer service. Rate A1 in my book!

Really tasty and delicious

Very tasty

This bison meat makes delicious thick burgers that hold shape well and stay juicy.

don't buy

These are terrible--flavorless, with lots of fat and gristle. The tastiest part was the coating. What a waste of my money, and what was probably once good pork! I tried to like them, fried them stovetop as well as deep fried--but all that did was ruin my taste for schnitzel.

Best Sausage Links Ever

I've been avoiding sausage for years due to all the added sugars, fats, and preservatives.. Disappointed by the plant-based breakfast sausages we've been eating, I picked these up on a whim at my local Town & Country grocery. HOLY HAPPY MOUTH BATMAN! Every bite a burst of subtly herbaceous, juicy, porky goodness. They are truly exceptional and every meal we have with them the conversation revolves around how dang delicious they are! Well played, Red Mountain, well played. Bonus that they're made in Montana, we're passionate about eating Montana-made, grown, and locally sourced products as much as possible


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