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Stay Classy Meats Product Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about our product and service. We aim to provide a great product with great service.
Based on 783 reviews
Excellent low fat sliders

I was amazed how well these cooked, how juicy they came out considering how lean they are. Amazing sliders for burgers at home.

Pheasant Breast

Outstanding Pheasant. Look forward to ordering more


This ground beef is spectacular. You will not regret it.

Dan Holmes , Concrete Creations. Rico Co

Terrific!!! Not only great chicken,the best ribeyes Will order again. Thanks Scott

No Jerky

I DO NOT want the sticks and jerky. The ingredients list are out of line with my dietary standards and is counter to the reason I subscribed to your products. Please add uncured bacon or sausage instead.

Fast Delivery

I expected my box on Thursday and was happily surprised that it arrived on Wednesday. I love that Stay Classy uses a biodegradable insulation material. While the ground beef wasn’t rock solid, everything else was and I just moved all of the meat to my freezer. I’ve always been really satisfied with the product I’ve ordered from Stay Classy.

Vacuum sealed???

This isn’t the first time I’ve received an order, and noticed that the packaging wasn’t correctly vacuum sealed. However, while thawing, it became apparent that it wasn’t even fully sealed. It was like the bison had been murdered in the fridge. Picked up the steaks and blood just streamed out of hole in the seal. Again, this isn’t the first time I’ve noticed there wasn’t a vacuum but it is the first time I’ve had to clean up before opening the package.


Stay Classy Meats is always a knockout. Never had a bad item from them.

Love This Company

The wage ribeyes was excellent. My guest from out of town love it as well.
I am ready to order some Seafood. Thanks and Stay Classy

Wagyu Bundle

Great stuff, would definitely buy it again at that price

Bison petite

Bison tenderloin very tender better than beef that's why I'm ordering more

Waygu bundle

Meat was Excellent

Ground Elk

Has become my husband and I’s favorite meat. Lean with lots of protein and very tasty!

Great meat

The steaks were awesome. Very tender and tasty


This meat is amazing. I've been happy with every single cut. Some of the vacuum sealed bags weren't labeled. Exceptionally happy with the order and can't wait to be a customer for the long haul.

Core II Box

This box was full of tasty meats, I'm following it up with some more bison and elk in my next order, should be here in a couple days!!:)
Red Dragons

Superb Products

I am new to this Wonderful Company. Not much of a meat eater. However I participate in Strength Training and Stay Classy does it the right way , Excellent source of Protein
I have eaten their Bison Hot dogs best I have ever tasted. I have Wagu Ribeye in my freezer which I will have soon , My Brother is arriving this week from NY and looking forward to
Share the Wagu with him and also some ground Bison. Love this company , Your delivery is well packed and arrives relatively quickly. Looking forward to trying their Seafood
I highly recommend Stay Classy for anyone interested in high quality.


I liked everything except ossco busco

Beef NY Steak - Single Steak

Fabulous as always!

This is some excellent beef, and growing up with family ranch-raised cattle, I know quality beef. The ground Wagyu makes some of the very best burgers I've ever had! Well done :-).

Pork Bacon - 1.5 lb

Pretty good

The searing steaks were a little on the thin side and so cooked too quickly and as a result were a little tough. Good quality taste besides that. The ground wagyu was great and made awesome burgers!!


The best elk I have ever had, and the manor in which the meat was delivered was awesome. 5 stars, would purchase from this company again!

Never disappointed

Always great products. And the customer service is top notch.

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