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Stay Classy Meats Product Reviews

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Best flavor and is very consistent.

Bison Knuckle Bones
Susan Spencer
Raw fed dog

Thank you for my bison knuckle bone. It was delicious and my teeth are so clean and white from chewing on my bone. Mom said it saved her $1000.00 vet bill. Please send more. Moose the Aussie 🐶

Very tasty shrimp

They are very good shrimp. The price is fair. They are delivered quickly and still frozen. What else is there to say?

Good quality product and good quality people

The Squab I purchased from Stay Classy Meats was very good, tender, arrived on time as promised by Stay Classy Meats.
The quality was excellent and the price was very reasonable.
I purchased five Squabs and because it was very good I purchased 10 more.

Good quality product and good quality people

Pork Wings
John Stieferman
Loved these Wings!

I smoked the kids on my Recteq Bullseye at 325 until they were at 135° IT and then I cranked it to Riot Mode! This pork was so juicy and delicious!!!! I definitely would recommend them to anyone!

Cowgirl Meat Co - Eighth of a Cow
John Robertson
Great amount for occasional treat

The crews at Stay Classy and Cowgirls never fail to impress -- tender cuts in manageable portions (for those of us who don't have a dedicated meat freezer -- but wish we did). The quality and taste of this beef is better than anything you'll find in your big-box store.

Core II Box
Zachary Kiessling

Fast delivery and amazing top quality meat. Would recommend to anybody!

Beef Only Box
Steph S.
Beef Only Box

The quality of the meat is always fantastic. I have yet to receive an order that was unsatisfactory. This box provides a good variety to try different things, but still be reliable in flavor and price.

Raegen Richard
Meat treat

My brother in law has really enjoyed the selections he made with the gift card I gave him for Christmas, no surprise from Stay Classy... And the process of getting and sending it to him was flawless.

Beef Prime Rib Roast - Bone-In Roast
craig mitchell
Prime Rib

It was one of the best I’ve ever tasted

Alden Hills Organic Chicken Breast - Bone-In/Skin-On
Barbara Njaa
A Perfect Winter treat

We ordered chicken recently, and it arrived promptly. Still frozen - no surprise because the temperature was below zero, but well packaged.
I thawed a package of bone-in breasts, coated the meat with a bit of melted butter, thyme, salt, and pepper and nestled the pieces into a cast iron skillet on a bed of chopped onions, thinly sliced salted lemon, and fiddlehead ferns. After washing and piercing two home grown potatoes, I placed the skillet and potatoes in the oven for five minutes at 500 degrees, then turned the heat down to 275 and off to church we went. Upon our return the house smelled so good and the chicken was done to perfection.
I like knowing how our meat has been raised and handled. I love this product!

Beef-Chicken-Bison Box
Kyle Phillips

I got this as a gift for a family member. They were very happy with it and called me multiple times to tell me has good everything was. I will be ordering a box for myself asap.

Best roast I have ever eaten

Decided to try drying out the meat in fridge wrapped in cheese cloth
This did not disappoint

Unreal flavor !!!

Great Gift

Sent these to my son and his wife. The order was prompt, and everyone including Penny (dog) enjoyed this gift They pan seared the steaks, turned out great!

Ordering this again

These were delicious. Many in my group had never had elk before and they loved it!

Boneless Prime Rib

The prime rib roast was the best I’ve had. The one I got was a little fatty but the meat was so tender tender. I will definitely buy again and highly recommend it. Stay Classy never disappoints.

Beef Ribeye Box
anna neubauer
Best rib-eyes

This is not my first rodeo buying these rib-eye steaks. They are absolutely THE best ribeyes money can buy. Start the new year off right and give them a try.

Brittany Martin
Great gift

I ordered a couple of these but didn’t realize they were online and not physical gift cards. I reached out to Scott and he had their graphic designer make fancy gift card picture (not sure if that’s phrased correctly haha) . He was super fast getting me the gift cards and they looked so nice. I know if I got a gift card for delicious meat I would be stoked. I love this company!

Turkey Traeger
The Brand Amp
The BEST!!

We called the team at Stay Classy for Thanksgiving press mailer we were putting together for a client. Not only was the team so easy to work with, but they went above and beyond to ensure we got exactly what we needed at a phenomenal price. The quality of the turkey and the packaging was incredible and we could not have been happier. We would recommend them to anyone.

Perfect for a small holiday gathering!

We only had a few people ivercfor Thanksgiving and didn't need an entire ham, so these two steaks were the perfect solution. They were so flavorful and tender. Would absolutely order again!

Pamela Njaa

The turkey was excellent for our Thanksgiving. Excellent quality, healthy. It arrived promptly and was well packed. I could not have asked for anything more. Definitely deserves 5+ Stars!! I plan to order another turkey and other meat products from Stay Classy Meats.

Tony Marra
Turkey Perfection

I bought this years bird on a Youtuber's recommendation (can't remember which one) and it didn't disappoint. I brined it with Tacticalories Gobbler Hollow Brine and did a butter injection. It was by far the best bird I've ever cooked. Juicy, tender and flavorful. I'll definitely be back next year for another Classy Bird.

Joni Ketelaar

Finally! I made a Thanksgiving turkey that was not dry! Thanks to Stay Classy for a wonderful turkey and brine kit.


The shanks were absolutely amazing, meaty and flavorful.