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Great birthday gift!

Ordered it as a gift for my boyfriend (whose diet is pretty much meat and potatoes), and can confirm that he loved it! Not to mention that Scott was super great about communication, even pushed the shipping of my order back so that it could arrive as close as possible to my boyfriend’s birthday! A great experience for a great product

Pork Wings
Ernest Rawson
Love them pork wings!

They were so juicy the wife put them in the pressure cooker for a bit then I took them to the grill to flash them and leather them with a pineapple pecan bbq sauce sooo good went through 8 lbs really quick

Love it!

You can taste the quality! Delicious and now a staple in our freezer!

It’s like eating a great steak

As a two member household we have ordered from Stay Classy Meats twice since discovering them. To date we’ve only grilled burgers with the ground beef. The burgers come out juicy & flavorful winning an “after consumption” review that it’s like eating a great steak! Over the 4th of July we made 50/50 burgers with the ground beef & ground bison (which we also ordered from Stay Classy Meats) and served them to visiting family. They were unbelievably impressed with the flavor & repeatedly commented on how good the burgers were. Now that fall is around the corner can’t wait to prepare sloppy joes, chili, ground beef casseroles, tacos, etc. using Stay Classy ground beef. A nod to their packaging & shipping as well. Product arrives frozen solid in environmentally friendly, minimal packaging that we appreciate.


The steak was about 1” thick. We anticipated something in the 2”+ range. There was a lot of gristle, and flavor didn’t wow us. It wasn’t bad, but definitely won’t be ordering again

Hi Anna. Thank you for the feedback. Normally, 2' steaks are for 24oz steaks and up. The biggest ones we offer in the Cowgirl Meat Co collection are only 20oz, so they will be between 1'-1.5'. Regarding the gristle, the Ribeye is a fattier cut, even with the grass fed-grass finished animals. That said, it is disappointing that the flavor was not there for you. We will send you a message to make this right for you.


SCM Team


Very lean and mean


Love the size of the flakes

Core II Box
Nancy Norton
Awesome meats

First of all, my box arrived in one day! All products were sealed and frozen. The meat is so tasty. Stay Classy never disappoints me!

Completely satisfied

I thought I would give this a try and was not disappointed. This is probably the best jerky we've tasted.

These are PERFECT.

As someone who cooks for my whole family, one of these packs is perfect for me, my wife, and my twins. The quality is unmatched, as with everything I’ve used from Stay Classy Meats. They came frozen solid and ready to thaw and cook! I’d recommend these fillets to anyone. 💯

Best sausages ever

These were so perfect! Incredibly tasty, perfectly juicy, and flavored just right. Wish I would’ve ordered more originally!

Environmentally friendly and delicious

Really enjoying this box, only reason I gave it a 4 instead of 5 is because I consistently get the hamburgers that are not my favorite and would like a little more variety, otherwise this company is wonderful to work with and their packaging material is biodegradable!

Very Pleased

Delivery was faster then I thought it would be. All meat was frozen solid. Good flavor and very little fat like store bought hamburger. Will buy again.

Top Notch Meat

Delivery was fast. Was well packaged and still frozen. The quality and taste is so much better than typical grocery store meats

Beef-Chicken-Bison Box
Kathryn Alexander

This box is so so good! I have it on repeat, I like it so much. It shipped so fast too. You can't get meat this good just anywhere. Looking forward to the next box!

Laura D.

I bought a gift card for my son because he loves your meat! I didn’t want to pick out something he may not have chosen for himself! He was thrilled. Thank you for making that gift so easy!!


REAL free range chicken tastes so much better than the hormone injected chicken at the grocery store. So delicious!

Excellent as always!

Pork Wings
Cynthia Doherty
Pork Wings

we ordered the pork wings and my husband and I loved them_perfect when cooked low n slow!-so tender...

Best Box Yet!!!

The Surf and Turf was the best box Ive had yet but everything Ive ever ordered from Stay Classy has been top notch!!! Delicious! Ribeyes were delicious and the shrimp was good size! Only thing that could have been better was if the ribeye were just a tad thicker! But other than that they were great and man they were the best tasting ribeye I’ve had in a while!

Beef Knuckles

Beef Knuckles. What is there to say? It was genuine cow bone and my canine enjoyed it.

So delicious!!

This gorgeous shrimp 🦐 made a divine scampi over fresh linguine. I will be ordering more of this to keep in the freezer as this is a delicious dish that comes together quickly and is always an easy and elegant quick meal.


What a treat! These steaks are super tender and delicious and the shrimp was awesome. Surf and turf's up dude!


Beautiful steaks that grilled up perfectly with just a little seasoning. I can’t wait to order more!

Pork Wings
Video is worthless

Do i understand you get 4-5 per pack at $30 per pack? 6$ each.........for 4 oz?