FAQ - General Info

Stay Classy Meats was born from an idea to make food today a reminiscent of an early 1900s perspective, when food was simple and ingredients were natural. We look to marry the timeless, age-old traditions of ranching and farming with the modern palate – food can taste good and be nutritious. “Stay Classy” is a throw-back to the golden-era of when meat was produced how nature intended, nutritious and clean of impurities – just like we are offering.

We have been in the wholesale meat business in Montana for the Northern Rockies since 2006 - while we do not operate the wholesale business currently, we have deep roots here. We still get the same high quality product raised on regenerative lands to ship direct to you from Bozeman, MT.

We work with about 40 different ranches and farms indirectly in the Northern Rockies region - when we purchase through a processor, the processor receives product from these ranches.  They are all on different cycles so what is ordered one month may be different from the next month.  All the ranches and farms are family owned and cater to a small batch product.  This allows for the animals to live a very happy life with minimal stress.

Bison: We pull the majority of Bison from Montana, followed by Idaho, Wyoming, and Colorado

Elk: North American Elk has been challenging to source consistently since 2019. We have been sourcing from sustainable ranches in New Zealand. This Red Deer and Wapiti are from North American stock and are very similar to what we have in North America.

Cattle: Our cattle come primarily from Montana with the remaining from from neighboring states (North Dakota, Colorado, and Wyoming)

Pork: The majority of our pork come from Montana and a little from Nebraska and Iowa.  We use only heritage breed (Berkshire, Berkshire/Tamworth mix, Huterite breeds, and Duron on ocassion).

Chicken: Nebraska and Wisconsin

Fish: Fish is sustainably sourced from Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington

Our animals Bison, Elk and Cattle are all free range animals, foraging on natural grasses growing wild in the fields that replenish itself yearly. We rely on nature to do its part to grow nutritious grasses so the animals have feed. Fortunately, we have a lot of water and sun so the process is very natural and efficient. We do it the old school way with our time-honored tradition which is a natural process. This is what the spirit of the organic movement is all about. We’re not certified organic for a couple important reasons 1) the animals are free range and eat naturally growing grasses in an environmentally sustainable area with abundant fresh water and naturally nutritious grasses and 2) the costs involved for the rancher/farmer are too high, even with government subsidies.

We back our product 100%. If you are not happy, we will refund or replace the product, whichever you prefer. We have been working with high-end restaurants, personal chefs and very strict co-ops/boutique natural grocers since 2006.

It is easy, click here to apply to become an affiliate.

Shipping Info

We use FedEx to ship all of our orders to you. The transit time is between 1-3 days, depending on the shipping you request.
We use a compostable internal liner that is made from non-gmo corn starch and can be dissolved down the drain into septic/sewer systems or placed in your compost pile.
The gel packs we use are also a drain safe product made from plant-based materials.
Everything we do keeps the environment in mind.

We offer Free Shipping on recurring subscription orders, however, these orders are subject to a $9.95 handling fee. The first order will have a shipping charged and all subsequent orders will only have the handling fee.

Yes we offer expedited shipping to ensure your product arrived with an overnight air service. If you qualify for a Free Shipping, you will be able to select Overnight Shipping Upgrade and receive your order via Overnight service for a small fee.

We charge a minimal handling fee to help support our sustainable operation. We believe in living in harmony with the environment and we will continue to push down this path to maintain a green future.

ABF is an acronym for antibiotic free. You will see this in our chicken and pork. We avoid the use of antibiotics because the ranchers/farmers with whom we work take excellent care of the animals. Animals that tend to get sick are normally near other animals, as one would find in a feedlot application.
Never-Ever is a term used in the meat industry to refer to a clean animal; no hormones, no antibitotics, EVER. This is a superior product, without a doubt. It not only eats and tastes better, it is better for you. Even if you do not purchase from Stay Classy Meats, please do us all a favor and only purchase Never-Ever product. This will ensure that we improve the animal husbandry in the US.
Small-batch refers to the quantity of animals being raised or processed. Within the small-batch environment most farms/ranches adhere to sustainable practices and highly animal-centric. The belief that if the animal is well kept, it will eat better, be more nutritious, and preserve better. Humane handling and high animal husbandry minimizes sick animals who need antibiotics. Hormones are never needed in a small batch grass-fed setting because the animals are eating what they are supposed to eat. The lower the stress level the higher the quality.

About Quality Meat

We promote a decentralized food system through regenerative ranching practices. We want to have a choice in how our food is raised and processed. By purchasing through us, you are supporting small batch, family-run and operated ranches and processors. By supporting these families, we make it easier for the next generation to continue the ranching heritage as their family before them. Without these ranchers/processors, we will be subject to a centralized food system where the food industry looks at smaller markets like Montana as a feeder into the centralized food system and not a producer. Supporting us directly supports rural economic activity, which is vital to the survival of our ranching and processing partners.

We work with small batch, family-run ranchers and processors. They manage their inputs as best they can by growing their own grasses and having their animals free range roam on regenerative grasses. That said, they still have costs and need to earn a little profit on all the animals they raise. We pay a higher price for these higher quality animals. The price per pound is not dictated by a mercantile market, but rather by the costs involved with producing the animals. We want to pay a fair price for the animals because without these ranchers, the future of small batch raised quality meat will be few and far between. The more ranchers we can purchase from, the better off we (and our future generations) will be.


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