Whole Goose ~8-10 lbs

Whole Goose - Montana Grown Young Goose - Rygate, Montana
8-10 lbs

Geese are a larger game bird that is rich in flavor and dense in nutrients. 

  • High in Protein
  • One of best dietary sources of Glycine - primary amino acid required for synthesis of collagen
  • Good source of minerals - high in Copper, Iron, Phosphorus, Selenium, and Zinc
  • Rich in B Vitamins - especially B6
  • Nutrient dense - offers broad range of nutrients for very few calories


  • The primary cooking method for Geese is roasting
  • The method of roasting a whole goose that is relatively easy and requires only a few ingredients. It results in an excellent dish which makes you wonder why you don't cook Goose more often.
  • You will get a lot of Goose fat when roasting. A tip of advice, save all of it and use with potatoes and/or with your leafy greens like spinach, kale, or chard
  • Here is a recipe we found that works well:

Cooking methods:


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kurban Niyaz
The best goose

It's my second time ordering goose from the same seller as I'm happy with my earlier order. We often prepare a whole goose kebab for our guests with our own recipe. Everybody loved that dish, and it was the only dish that has completely gone during the party. The negative thing is it's very difficult to locate goose online those days.

Eric Mosak
Very Disappointed

On christmas eve when we went to make our goose, It was rotten.

Hi Eric.
This is very surprising to hear since all the Goose are blast frozen immediately after processing, and processing happened in early December. I will follow up with you in an email to learn more of what happened and to resolve this issue.
Thank you!

Pamela Knox
High hopes, but this goose did not fly....

Ditto to everything Nadine F said--I was stunned to have bone shards and stubs sticking out where the wings should have been present. And no goose fat, no liver, no heart....all trimmed away and gone. Seriously? At these prices? Unfortunately, I also did not have a good experience with my meal--the goose was extremely tough and dry. And the gravy was a sad disappointment without the necessary ingredients...may have partially been my fault, but I had misgivings about this bird from the moment I saw the condition, and they were born out. Maybe it was just too small. Larger size options should be available.

I do, however, APPLAUD the delivery system. It arrived on time, and partially thawed, just as promised. At least I had something to put on the table!

Thanks for trying, but not sure this will ever be a repeat at this rate.....and I, too, was really hoping you would be my new go-to goose provider!

Hello Pamela,
We are very sorry for the lackluster performance of this goose for your Christmas meal. We take the holidays seriously and for one of our products to not pull through is a huge disappointment for us. If we offer this goose again, we will make sure to update the description so customers know what to expect.
We will reach out to you to offer you a solution to this goose issue. We want everyone to be, at minimum, satisfied with the purchase.
Thank you for reaching out.

Nadine Fuchs
High expectations and sad disappointment !

As a 78 year old, living alone, and unable to celebrate Christmas with my family and friends, I decided to make the same meal I make for all who gathered at my home each Christmas for the last 45 years. Caution led me to use the internet for all my purchases-food or essentials. Every year I served two or three roasted geese. I was so happy when I found you website and the offer of an 8 pound goose. I had decided to make a Christmas dinner for myself, just to keep the tradition. You understand that I have had many years of experience preparing geese. After defrosting your goose and opening the package I was astounded to find a goose with only 1/2 a segment of the wing joint nearest the body, The other wing had only the joint nearest the body, and the end the joint was crudely cut. Every goose I have ever purchased had all three joins of the wing. These are necessary to create the goose stock that will make the gravy . I was aghast to find no interior fat on the bird. It had all been removed. Rendering this fat was part of the reward of roasting a goose. This fat, is delicious, and healthier than butter or oil for sautéing. I was deprived of this, Also the flaps over the opening where removed, another source of fat and skin to be added to the stock pot. The neck skin was also missing. There was only a portion of neck sent and no liver. Perhaps this is acceptable to your customers, I, however found it a great disappointment. I thought I had found a new resource that would reward me with other wonderful choices. After this disappointing experience, both with the sloppy condition of the goose and the missing parts that have prevented me from continuing my Christmas tradition, I would be hard put to order from you again. This is truly sad because in this day of dangerous exposure outside the home, I could have made use of all you have to offer. As a last thought, the goose was delicious, however the gravy was a poor second to what I enjoyed in the past.
Thank you for the opportunity to express these thoughts.
Nadine Fuchs

Hi Nadine. I am very sorry for your disappointment. Christmas dinner is special and we are also disappointed that you are not happy. We should have done a better job at describing the goose so you could have imagined it prior to receiving it.
We will reach out to you via email to offer you a solution to your lackluster Goose dinner.
Thank you for trying us and our sincere apologies for not delivering what you wanted to receive.


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