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Bundles and Boxes

A way to order a bit of everything and saving a bit of money while doing so. We take the hassle out of selecting the individual items. These have been a staple since our original launch. 

Add your box to a Subscription and SAVE money at the same time. You can always swap different boxes with ease in case you want to try different options. 

Labor Day Special Box $75.00 USD $125.00 USD
Chicken & Shrimp Box $130.00 USD $145.90 USD
Weight: 10lb Box
SURF & TURF Box $99.99 USD $180.00 USD
Core II Box $198.00 USD $224.95 USD
Beef-Chicken-Bison Box $134.00 USD $149.95 USD
Beef-Chicken-Fish Box $134.00 USD $145.95 USD
Premium II Box $299.00 USD $423.15 USD
Beef-Chicken-Pork Box $119.00 USD $140.95 USD
Beef Only Box $135.00 USD $144.45 USD
Elite II Box $399.00 USD $600.90 USD

Meat Boxes and Bundles for Everyday or Special Occasions

What could be more satisfying than a delicious steak? An entire package full of succulent steaks! We've put up a variety of boxes with some of our most popular steaks. To maintain freshness, each steak is vacuum-sealed separately. Check out Stay Classy Meats’ packages if you're searching for a bit of everything. Each meat box has a unique mix of pork, beef, chicken, bison, elk, or shrimp.

Stay Classy Meats is a monthly subscription service that provides meat frozen at peak freshness, offering the highest quality of meats available.

People looking for a simple method to buy quality meats in bulk or add more protein diversity to their diet will like the company's different programs and subscription choices.

Wild-caught seafood, heritage-breed pork, pasture-raised poultry, wild-caught fair-trade Mexican shrimp and grass-fed beef are just a few of the high-quality options.

This is a way to order a bit of everything while saving some money. The company simplifies the process of picking specific things. Since the inception, they have been a mainstay. Subscriptions are a great way to save money on your meat bundle pack. If you wish to experiment with alternative settings, you may easily change different boxes.

The meat is flash-frozen, packed, and sent to our freezer. Our goal is to preserve the peak freshness so everyone can enjoy the meats exactly how they are meant to be eaten. Customers receive their meat bundles in 100% compostable insulated boxes to keep them temperature controlled throughout transit. If there is thawing that occurs during transit, it is completely safe to place all the products you will not be eating back into the freezer.

Only Mondays and Tuesdays are used to ship orders. Orders are processed in one day. An order received on Sunday, for example, will be sent on Tuesday. If you place an order on Tuesday, it will be sent the following Monday.

Stay Classy Meats is a high-end grocery delivery service that specializes in seafood, poultry, and meats. We provide a variety of boxes and sizes, making it simple to find a package that suits your needs. Stay Classy Meats can be worth a try if you want high-quality cuts of meat and want to purchase in bulk.

Why come to us for the best bundles and boxes deal

Stay Classy Meats is a monthly subscription service that sends you a variety of high-quality beef, bison, elk, chicken, and fish.

You may simply select the sorts of meat and box size you want when placing your purchase.

You may also choose specific cuts or preparations of meat for each purchase, such as Bison Jerky Bundle, GrassFed-GrassFinished Ground Beef Box, Beef Only Box, Chicken & Shrimp Box, The Ultimate Sampler, The EveryDay Sampler, The Mini Sampler, Beef-Chicken-Bison Box, Beef-Chicken-Fish Box, and more.

Furthermore, you may choose to get Curated Meats Boxes every 4 weeks, and you can change your order frequency online. You may also try out a bundle by ordering it once and then ordering it again if you like it.

Stay Classy Meats is a wonderful choice if you eat meat regularly and wish to buy meat boxes and bundlein bulk or try different cuts and kinds. Stay Classy Meats caters to those that value high-quality meats. This is especially beneficial if you reside in a location where these possibilities are few.

The meat boxes make it easy to shop for your everyday staples in one spot, with mouthwatering meat, premium top-quality cuts, and a few client favorites tossed in for good measure.

Delivery is now possible. The fantastic meat bundle deals packages ensure you get more protein for your buck and keep stocked up on all your favorites as soon as the company ships them!

Stay Classy Meats may be beneficial for you if you are busy, work long hours, or need help with grocery shopping.
Stay Classy Meats delivers precisely what it promises: quality, convenience, timely deliveries. The company will provide you with the finest meat when you buy meat boxes onlinefrom the site!

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