100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
Our lamb is all Grass Fed, Antibiotic Free, Hormone Free, and Growth Stimulant Free. We source from ranchers who adhere to strict guidelines of how these animals are raised. We offer US (Montana Natural Lamb) and New Zealand (Coastal Lamb and Coastal Spring Lamb). Lamb is an excellent source of lean Protein, B Vitamins, and Minerals. All the Lamb from New Zealand is Halal Certified

Key Details:
  • 100% grass-fed
  • Humanely raised on spacious pastures
  • No antibiotics or hormones from birth
  • Certified Halal (Coastal Lamb and Coastal Spring Lamb)
  • Healthy source of lean protein, minerals and B vitamins
  • Delicious, sweet, tender meat
  • For best taste use within 1-2 days after thawing