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The EveryDay Sampler - Father's Day Special

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Save $40  - Father's Day Special 
Free Thermometer
Free 4 oz. Bag Jacobsen Finishing Flake Salt
Free 5 oz. Hi-Country Whiskey Cowboy Coffee Seasoning Shaker
After you add to your cart and head to checkout, you will be promted to get exclusive access to a 50% discount on our Porterhouse Steak! Happy Father's Day!

We curated this box to provide 1 of each of our main items in this box. This is a smaller version to the Ultimate Sampler and still filled with a wide array of quality cuts. We have Beef, Bison, Elk, Pork Chicken, Fish in this box. It is about 11lbs of absolute amazing cuts of meat. 
This is a perfect item to test your cooking/grilling/food prepping skills. Or better yet, want to send a tasty gift to someone and surprise them with this cornucopia of different meats. 

Weight Item Description
1.0 lb Pork Chop
1.0 lb MT Thick Cut Pork Bacon
1.0 lb Chicken Breast (ABF, Air-Chill)
1.0 lb Chicken Patties with Maple Syrup, 1 lb (4 patties per pack)
0.8 lb Bison Tenderloin Steak
2.0 lb Bison Patties - 2lb Pack (6 x 5.33 oz patties) - 85/15
1.0 lb Elk Medallions
1.0 lb Grass-fed, Grass-finished Ground Beef
1.0 lb Beef Ribeye 16oz ( 2 x 8oz Searing Steaks)
0.4 lb Wild Alaskan Sockeye Filet
0.19 lb Yellowstone Natural Jerky Elk Pepperoni Sticks
0.14 lb Yellowstone Natural Jerky Bison Huckleberry Vodka
4 oz. Jacobsen Finishing Flake Salt, 4 oz Bag (FREE for Father's Day)
1 Thermometer (FREE for Father's Day)
5 oz. Hi-Country Whiskey Cowboy Coffee Seasoning (FREE for Father's Day) 

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