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ELITE Box - 30 lbs

30 Pounds | 80 meals | Premium Quality
Less than $5.00 per meal before subscription discount

We have curated this box to provide you a cross section of different cuts and proteins.  We understand cooking the same thing every day can get mundane.  All our products in this box (and all our boxes) are from small batch productions using natural ingredients.  Our sausages are produced for us using clean herbs, spices and salts.  Our product has flavor - from the steaks, to the chicken, to the pork to all the ground and sausages, the flavor of the environment of where these animals foraged comes through the finished product.  Treat yourself to clean and tasty proteins, (you and your family) deserve it!

ELITE BOX Contents*:
3lb - Beef NY Steak (5 - 10oz Steaks)
2lb - Bison NY/Ribeye Steak (4 - 8 oz Steaks)
2.25lb - Pork Berkshire Bone-In Chop (3 x 12 oz Portion)
3.75lb - Chicken Breast (3 x ~1.25lb Packs)
3lb - Ground beef (80/20)
3lb - Pork Bacon (1.5 lb Package)
3lb - Ground Bison
3lb - Sausage/Brat
2lb - Sausage/Brat
3lb - Sausage/Brat                                                                              

FEATURED STEAK - Monthly steak can change without notice
2.25lb - Beef Skirt Steak

Subscriptions are automatically delivered on your schedule. No obligation, easily modify or cancel your subscription anytime. 

*Contents of box is subject to change on occasion.  While we strive to ensure the box is to the above spec, the product we work with is all small batch.  As a result, sometimes shipments come in late (or not at all) and we need to adjust accordingly.  We will always give you the same value of what is missing.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Awesome Service & Products

Stayclassy meats has been awesome and consistent. They provide great service and products and always looking out for their customers.

this is fantastic quality meat

The steaks - beef / bison, the chicken, the sausage. Everything we have tried so far has been really amazing.

Coach Salas-WestCoast-Vista CA

Quick Review,
1. Packaging - Clean, cold, and well protected (amazing)
2. Quality of meet - perfect exactly what I ordered (amazing)
3. Day 1 Salmon with mashed potatoes and Brussel sprouts (so good)
4. Day 2 Sausage/Brat in our Lasagna rolls (every bite comes with a tear of love!)

Coach Salas and family will Stay Classy monthly here on the WestCoast #quality

Best decision

My local grocery store doesn’t have many options for clean quality meat and this was the best decision I’ve made! Everything was perfect!

High quality, great value

More variety than ButcherBox, excellent flavor, and if you buy in bulk the prices are rather competitive. Plus I had a great experience with customer service. I will DEFINITELY be purchasing again.

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