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Bison Bundle Box 2 ~14 lbs

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Bison is one of the most nutritious and natural meats available. As a society, we do not eat enough of it.  Whether you are pregnant or just had a baby or you are focused on optimizing your health by way of nutrition, this meat source is highly beneficial to your and everyone's diet. 
High in Protein (28 grams in 3.5 oz!)
Great source of Heme-Iron
Balanced Omegas (reducing inflamation)
Natural Source of Creatine (about 600mg per 100gm raw)
Rich in B-Vitamins
Low Calories
Packed with Selenium and Zinc (these minerals are fundamental for a healthy running body)
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We only have a limited amount of these boxes so get them while they last!

Box Contents: 14 lbs
2 - Bison Filet Mignon - 6 oz portion
1 - Bison Boneless Ribeye - 16 oz portion
1 - Bison Skirt Steak - 1.75 lbs portion
1 - Bison Flank Steak - 1.25 lbs portion
4 - Bison Sirloin - 8 oz portion 

1 - Bison Osso Buco - 1.12 lbs each
2 - Bison/Beef Ground Blend - 16 oz each
3 - Bison Femur/Marrow Bones - 20 oz each
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