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Beef-Chicken-Pork Box

Beef-Chicken-Pork Basic Box
7-8 lbs (plus 2 FREE bags of Jerky)

Key Stats:
Meals: ~22 (6oz portion size)
Cost per Meal: $5.22 per meal

This box offers you the staples to enjoy home made meals that will fuel your optimum performance. We all need the purest food to optimize our mental and physical function. This box allows for a basic protein mix of responsibly sourced proteins without hormones or antibiotics that free ranged on regenerative grasses to arrive conveniently at your door. 
We added in 2 Free bags of Jerky to eat for yourself or share with friends.

Order a one-time box or subscribe and save with every order.  

1.00lb - Ground Wagyu Beef
0.80lb - Beef London Broil (2 x 0.4lb steaks)
1.00lb - Beef Ribeye (2 x 8oz searing steaks)
1.50lb - Pork Bacon (1 x 1.5lb pack)
2.50lb - Smart Chicken Boneless/Skinless Breast (2 x 1.25lb packs) 
0.75lb - Heritage Breed Boneless Pork Chop (1 x 0.75lb steak)
2 Bags - Jerky

*items in box can change but will always be substituted for like-priced items

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