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Welcome to Black Friday Specials!
We are offering some cost saving deals for you and your family. Take advantage of buying high quality meats at a significant savings. It is really difficult to put a price on being healthy. Fueling yourself with pure ingredients, like the meat we offer, will keep your body functioning at optimal levels - just look at our athletes for proof. We are an athlete-driven proteins company focused on supplying from small batch ranchers in the Northern Rockies.

All orders placed during Black Friday / Cyber Monday will receive a 10% reward (we normally give a 1% reward)

3-Month prepaid subscriptions receive an extra 2lbs of grassfed Ground Beef for the duration of the subscription - plus an additional 10% discount - Total savings over 40% (depending on the subscription box)!

Ground boxes - Save up to 50% on your favorite Ground box - Wagyu, Grassfed Beef, Bison, or Bison and Elk combo box.  

Give something, Get something - Any gift card purchase will give you a 15% gift card in return. What better way to tell your friends and family about what you enjoy then a gift card that provides you a nice benefit!

The offers are temporary so act now before they expire.

Happy Shopping!

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