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Yellowstone River Beef - Ribeye (16oz-18oz)

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16oz-18oz Single Steak
Grass-fed and grass-finished between Montana and North Dakota, these Ribeyes are on the leaner side at a single steak weighing between 16oz-18oz. The animals we procure are always raised in responsibly and with the highest humane treatment possible. Always free-range grazing (when weather permits) and kept in a low stress environment. Quality feed, quality air, fresh water makes for a perfect recipe of flavorful and nutrient rich meat. 

Yellowstone River Beef is a small batch producer that only works with Montana and North Dakota cattle. Product of the USA, Lean, 100% Traceable, Ranch-Raised, Quality, Premium.  

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Tough Meat

The ground beef is fantastic it really has great flavor. I’m dissatisfied with the beef-rib eye steaks. They seemed freezer burnt. The steaks are tough and chewy regardless of preparation. Grilled, broiled, or smoked = tough and chewy. Medium rare or rare = tough and chewy. I had been a Butcher Box customer for about a year. The beef-ribeye steaks from them do have a slightly higher fat content, but are always tender and delicious. I switched recently to SCM and because of the steaks I may switch back to Butcher Box.

Hi Scott.
I am very sorry to hear about your lackluster Yellowstone River Beef Ribeyes. Every animal is unique and ocassionaly we will see this happen. Fortunately this is not the norm. Regardless, we have sent you a message informing that we will reimburse you in store credit for the amount paid for your Ribeyes.
Regarding the question of freezer burning, it is unlikely that they were freezer burnt given that they are from animals processed in Feb of 2021, carcass aged for 12 days, packed in vacuum packages, then blast frozen. We see freezer burning occur when a product has been exposed to air (removing the vacuum packaging) for an extended period of time (years).
We appreciate the feedback.
Thank you!